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When a company makes any significant change in direction – a new strategy, a new product or a new target segment – they face the certainty of disruption. But when it is your sales team making the turn –even if they are headed for a more profitable segment- good execution supported by the right sales tools can be the difference between a smooth sailing path towards success and a path straight into chaos.

When it is time to change direction, you can feel it.  You are lacking great new prospects; you have sold into all the accounts you think are viable. The current approach is tapped out and you’ve met all the other fish in the pond. Changing your focus or selling into a new vertical can open an ocean of possibilities. However, sometimes the approach required is so different that your sales teams need more than a new target – their entire process needs retooling.

Getting back up to speed after a change in direction is critical. Sales organizations can’t afford to spend months getting acquainted with the new targets and learn how to successfully approach them. Ideally, a sales team would be armed with in-depth information about their new objectives. They should be able to identify decision makers and have the information to contact them directly. They’d have visibility into prospects organizational structure and get email alerts to notify relevant activity like executive moves or new projects. These are all delivered as part of the integrated data intelligence solution by DiscoverOrg,

One of our clients, NexTech, came to DiscoverOrg when they were facing this challenge. An established company in the telecoms market, NexTech was ready to change their focus to the enterprise networking market and they needed to ramp up as soon as possible. As they executed their change in direction, they quickly learned that their previous sales approach, which had been successful when selling to large telecoms, was not going to work when focused on the competitive enterprise networking space.

Navigating the Turn

New targets require new approaches, and making those changes can pose a challenge for established sales teams. Having really solid market intelligence is a fantastic first step in providing a clear view into target organizations. It also gives reps the ability to target people in specific roles and provide intelligence on specific ongoing initiatives.

With the help of a complete data intelligence solution, NexTech was able to delve into a new market segment already understanding its potential in each region. This solution enables an organization to make the shift smoothly, possessing mapped out accounts to target and contacts within those accounts to single out. This ensures that organizations will be communicating with the most qualified candidates with greatest potential to be receptive to their offer.

 Utilize the Power of Navigation Aids

Approaching new accounts is greatly simplified when using DiscoverOrg’s IT Org Charts. NexTech’s sales reps find that they are able to approach a prospect from multiple contact points and move up the chain of command. No longer are they at the mercy of gatekeepers or single account contacts.

Delving into additional tools like DiscoverOrg’s integrated webinar sales training series has also helped to guide the NexTech sales teams to rapid success in their new market. These on-demand webinars cover subjects such as new strategies in cold calling, targeted emailing and more. Gary Preble, NexTech Partners Network Specialist notes, “like most midsized organizations, our company does not offer sales training internally; a surprise benefit of working with DiscoverOrg was the high-quality sales training from industry experts available at your convenience.”

By using the integrated sales tools in the DiscoverOrg Data Intelligence solution the NexTech retail sales team was able to adjust their heading without missing revenue targets. Using the included sales webinar training and following actionable leads, NexTech increased their booked sales appointments by 20% in the first month of use.

Choosing a complete data intelligence solution will enable your sales teams to successfully navigate a change in direction and strategy. These are challenges any company can master – but having the right sales tools ensure that the turn is executed successfully.

Learn more about how NexTech uses intelligent data and sales tools to navigate successfully in the enterprise networking space.

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