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Do you send out emails as part of your B2B prospecting strategy? Do you aim to be the #saleshero of your team, filling your pipeline with highly targeted prospects? Well, then this free eBook, the Super Hero Life of your Prospecting Email, is right up your alley. (And, by alley we mean a dark one crawling with different variations of your prospecting email’s nemesis.)

In a recent survey of over 600 digital marketers in the US, B2B email was the rated the biggest revenue driver of any known channel by a significant difference of 15%.

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For the B2B marketer or salesperson, email prospecting, as opposed to email marketing, has many specific nuances that should be taken into account when constructing an effective message. For starters, email marketing is not as simple as writing an email and hitting send. As part of the greater email-marketing umbrella, email prospecting has a unique purpose: it targets ideal profiles in order to build relationships and connect prospects with products and/or services that meet their specific needs.

Email marketing…uses email [to] provide background and brand awareness. Email prospecting is the opening of a relationship with a potential new customer. Well-designed and planned prospecting emails can be sent out 1-to-many in such a way as to appear to be 1-to-1.”

In addition to breaking down the specifics goals of email prospecting, our super email prospecting eBook also provides immediate takeaways for creating better emails that get read and get results. These include:

The Three Foes of Your Super Hero Email

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  • Smog of SPAM – where over 90% of sales emails die. Spamming is the practice of plastering untargeted, unsolicited emails to masses of contacts. Getting blacklisted for spamming has a far deeper impact than just failing to deliver your marketing messages. Did you know that if you have been tagged as a SPAM sender, your ISP may block your IP address or domain from sending emails for up to 72 hours? Our eBook contains 5 ways that you can avoid getting caught in the SPAM filter.
  • Deluge of Deletion – one false move and your super hero will be washed away in the tide. According to email service provider ExactTarget, the average email has only 2.7 seconds before the reader decides if they will read, forward or delete. Here’s where the secrets of good subject lines hide and timing becomes a factor of whether or not your prospecting email will make it past this “Fickle Finger of Fate” (aka the delete button). Our research has shown that naming a competitors’ or customer’s name in the subject line elicits intrigue that is likely to increase open rates.
  • Island of Ignore – here’s where it really pays to be super. The worst foe by far is being stuck on the desolate and forgotten island of ignored messages, which gather in every executive’s inbox. We’ve identified 4 top strategies for ensuring that your email doesn’t get ignored. Which of these strategies gives your email super Spidey senses?

The Anatomy of a Super Hero.
What’s this guy made of anyhow? Let’s take the example of the subject line. For our super hero email, this represents his face and ultimately a first impression. It is important to keep this intro short (under 50 characters) and designed with the audience in mind. What value are you bringing your potential new customer? Our section on the anatomy of a super hero email provides direction for constructing a winning email, from the subject line to the sign-off.

Also covered in our eBook are some super tools to make your super emails even more effective, highlights from a case study showing real life examples on how to use these tools, and other ways that DiscoverOrg can be the Robin to your Batman.

So go ahead and don your cape, put on your shiny unitard, and become the #saleshero that saves Metropolis. Download our free eBook today.

Are you a #saleshero yourself? Feel free to share with us your favorite super hero prospecting email strategy in the comments below.

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