We’re on a boat!

Well, actually, it’s a fishing boat. We’ve got a captain, a crew, and a gigantic net – because we’re angling for the ultimate catch.

We’re fishing for leads, thanks to the ultimate account-based everything team. Ultimate Catch: Your Guide to Account-Based Orchestration is a clever ebook from LeadMD. It maps aligned sales and marketing teams to the positions on a boat and describes how they work together to catch the biggest fish.

If alignment is important for account-based marketing, it’s critical for account-based everything, which requires coordination between personalized marketing, sales and sales development, and customer success efforts. The fishing-boat analogy is a good vehicle for this complex process.

Defining the goals of the crew

Industry leaders don’t become industry leaders through independent efforts or siloed ideas. They learn how to catch big fish. Big fish are caught by big boats with the right tools, and coordinated efforts by everyone on board. We know sales and marketing are more effective when they work together, but account-based everything requires even broader involvement, alignment, and all hands on deck:

Captain on the bridge = Executive team. The captain/s owns the maps. It’s their job to make sure the team has the right tools to go after the right fish, has training to handle rough seas, and understand where the fish live and what they want.

  • Account-based everything ebook LeadMDDeckhands = Marketing. Once the captain navigates the ship to fishing waters, the deckhands cast a wide net. Cross-functional account teams make the catch of the day.
  • Fishermen = Sales. These fishermen drive the ultimate catch. They scan the horizon, keeping harpoons sharp and always ready to fly. Their playbook is the ship’s log.
  • Customer success/Evangelism. This team ensures the catch stays happy and fresh.
  • Chief Engineer = IT. Engines must be maintained, and the boat kept in ship shape, for the crew run at peak performance. Bilge pumps and radar communication are important, too.
  • Product dev/engineering. A great product is the bait that attracts the catch. To keep fish interested, this team must be ready for quick pivots and new opportunities at any moment.
  • Building the crew = HR. Someone has to understand what fish the crew is after, add the right crew members to the boat – and keep them working once they’re onboard.

In addition to each crew’s skills, they bring unique objections to repositioning as well. For example, a chief objection of engineers is that pivots and changes are too expensive. Each objection has a rational counterpoint – and if not, it’s a sign of a gap in coverage or communication.

The charming tale goes on to outline justifications for each objection, and a play-by-play timeline. The ebook was sponsored in part by DiscoverOrg, a tech partner of LeadMD. Get your copy of the Ultimate Catch: Your Guide to Account-Based Orchestration here.

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The ebook was written by Brian Driggs (the Content Guy), with Brandon Redlinger, Director of Growth at Engagio. It was designed in part by LeadMD’s Lucie Calloway, Multimedia Design Manager, and Natasha Ness, Head of Experience & Design.


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