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This week at DiscoverOrg we rolled out the red carpet for our much anticipated Small and Midsize Business (SMB) Dataset. As the SMB segment continues to grow at a feverish pace for IT purchases, Marketers, Sales Professionals, and Staffing firms have been looking forward to this launch for months. Our smart customers have been begging for this intelligence, and we have developed a final product that is sure not to disappoint.

What is included?

Here are some of the key features in the SMB Data Set:

  •  8,000 Small and Midsize business in North America
  • Over 45,000 contacts
  • IT Organizational Charts on all companies
  • 92% Direct Dial Phone numbers
  • 98% Verified email addresses
  • Weekly Real Time Trigger events
  • Refreshed every 90 days

Why all the fanfare?

Worldwide the opportunity in SMB IT segment is growing fast. SMB has become a $460 Billion market growing at a rate of 7% annually. This rate eclipses that of the Enterprise IT segment.

Prior to the launch, researching SMB market opportunities was incredibly time consuming. Professionals would spend hours digging through lists, web searches, and crowd sourced products only to find that their efforts were wasted. Inevitably those hours of research would result in uncovering opportunities at bankrupt entities, subsidiaries who have no purchasing power, or companies that outsource all IT.

Traditionally, the SMB market has been an expensive opportunity to break into. These wasted research efforts will become a thing of the past with the introduction of our new SMB Data Set.  See our new data set in action during our live Webinar on August 6– How Top Producers use DiscoverOrg to Close More Deals Faster .

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Henry Schuck

Henry Schuck is the CEO of DiscoverOrg, a 7-time Fortune 5000 company, which he co-founded at the age of 23. He has extensive experience managing the sales and marketing activities of fast-growing information technology data companies.