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This is a guest post from Umar Hameed, CEO of No Limits Selling

Recently, I came across an interesting (and incredibly simple) definition of business: getting and retaining new customers. If companies are not acquiring new customers, retaining current customers, and growing accounts then they are either dead or dying. The same applies to salespeople; if you are not acquiring new customers, retaining current costumers, and growing your accounts then it is inevitable that you will be replaced.

The way I see it, the sales department is an engine that keeps a business running; so, it is no surprise that sales managers, business leaders, and salespeople stay up nights trying to figure out how to increase their sales effectiveness. Sales training companies – seeing an opportunity – are staying up nights trying to figure out how to sell their services to you. A quick Google search on “sales training companies” returns 39,000,000 results in 0.48 seconds.  Sales training is big business, but does it truly get the job done?

According to Selling Power Magazine, American companies spend over $16 billion a year on sales training to improve their sales performance. Conversely, ES Research, the premiere sales training effectiveness research company, reports that sales training fails over 80% of the time within 80 days. Do you see the problem here?

Something more than sales training is needed.

I’ve made it my life’s work to figure out exactly what stops salespeople from reaching their potential. I’ve looked at the hundreds of sales training companies out there and discovered they could teach people how to sell, but seldom did they actually get salespeople to break through their limitations and realize their true potential. There had to be a better way.

When I started studying truly great salespeople I found they held mastery in three key areas, which differentiated them from the rest:

  • Selling skills – they knew how to get appointments, execute strong presentations, and close business
  • Sales process – they had a rock-solid process that guided them from initial contact to repeat customer
  • Mindset – They had the mental toughness to handle any situation (including objection!) so they could flawlessly execute their sales training and sales process.

Sales trainers are great at teaching salespeople how to sell. Sales managers help salespeople build stronger sales processes. However, salespeople are left on their own when it comes to mindset.

This is where neuroscience can be the game changer.

Neuroscience has developed a tool kit that allows salespeople to breakthrough any mental hang-ups that reduce sales performance. These are powerful tools that allow salespeople to have a winning mindset so they can wholeheartedly execute their sales training and processes flawlessly.

Join Umar Hameed, CEO of No Limits Selling and Henry Schuck, CEO and Co-founder of DiscoverOrg, as they discuss overcoming challenges and limitations to boost your sales potential.

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