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No one likes a cold call – no one likes making them and no one likes receiving one. So what do we do in prospecting to get around this problem?

Step 1: Don’t Go in Cold. Make sure that you are calling warm. This means that you have consulted your sales intelligence data and are calling for a reason: you have noticed that the organization has an initiative where your solution might be a fit, or a recent executive move has signaled to you that they may be in a buying cycle.

Step 2: Go Direct. When you do reach out, use the org chart on the target account from your sales intelligence solution to make sure that you know who you are trying to contact. And then reach out to that person directly. Here is why that is important:

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The first step in overcoming objections is actually reaching your targeted contact. Direct dial phone numbers not only increase your likelihood of reaching your prospect, but also of gaining a meeting with him.

If you want to tackle sales objections every time, you should prepare your strategy in advance.

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