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This piece was originally posted February 6th, 2017 on Smart Selling Tool’s blog and written by its founder Nancy Nardin. Smart Selling Tools, Inc., is an analyst and consulting firm that specializes in sales productivity and sales performance improvement through the use of smart sales tools. Smart Selling Tools was also a co-sponsor of DiscoverOrg’s 2017 Growth Drivers Report. Below are highlights from the original article.

What does it take to be a high growth company? In November, 2016, DiscoverOrg and Smart Selling Tools decided to find out. We surveyed 200 sales and marketing leaders about growth at their companies and a host of factors that could be accelerating it or inhibiting it. The survey included questions regarding their teams, budgets, personnel, strategies, mindsets, technologies used, and more…all for the sake of determining the profile of a high growth company (defined as having a 3-year revenue growth-rate of 40% or greater).

We found that Marketing and sales organizations at high growth companies do three things very differently than their counterparts at low growth companies.

  • First, they do the hard things and by hard things we mean those that require an ongoing commitment.
  • Next, they invest in technology and tech savvy people – simple in theory, harder in practice.
  • And finally, they enable teams with accurate account and contact data.

The devil or rather, the secret sauce, is in the detail. For instance, you might wonder, “just what are the hard things high growth companies do?”

To find out, read the full post over at the Smart Selling Tools blog.

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Nancy Nardin
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Nancy Nardin

Nancy Nardin is a nationally recognized thought leader on sales and marketing productivity tools. Her firm, Smart Selling Tools – of which she is the founder and President – is dedicated to helping marketers and sellers apply process and technology to drive revenue.