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Each week we report on the biggest happenings in the IT industry. From major leadership changes to initiatives and pain points, DiscoverOrg works to show you where your true selling opportunities lie.

Getting the right info about new initiatives and leadership moves gives sellers an unparalleled competitive advantage. In fact, it’s estimated that the first vendor to contact a buyer wins the business over 70% of the time!

Imagine knowing that you already have the upper hand before you’ve even made a single pitch – just by being the first to make the call.

If you’re already a DiscoverOrg customer – congratulations! – You probably just saw these Triggers last week. If not, here are some of the major selling opportunities that our research team was first to report on.

These Companies Had Huge Leadership Changes:

Black Knight Financial Services recently promoted Beth Rucker from her current role as Senior VP, IT Infrastructure & Operations and now serves as the company’s Chief Information Security Officer, following the departure of Ron Berry.

Sources also indicate the company is making upgrades to LAN/WAN-based networks, and investing in general network security improvements. They are also implementing new data center technologies, including Cisco switches, ASR routers, Cisco Unified Computing, Flexpod, and NetApp NAS.

OhioHealth recently named Michael Elley as the organization’s Senior VP, Information Technology. Previously, Elley served as CIO at Owensboro Health. Sources have also indicated that the organization is in the midst of IT infrastructure projects with a focus on network services, IT security, and cloud solutions.

Ameritas recently announced the appointment of Michael (Mike) Everley to the role of Vice President, Information Technology (Americas Life & Americas Life of New York). Sources also reveal that they are interested in Java-based Documentum xCP development and Microsoft .Net-based IT initiatives – all based on Captiva InputAccel solutions to enhance internal imaging and workflow applications. Ameritas’ IT department has also indicated they are planning big cloud and virtualization-based IT.

These Companies Have Started Big Initiatives:

Ford Motor Company is planning to evaluate new IT solutions, including IBM to support initiatives related to flash storage, cloud storage, server consolidation, network automation, and disaster recovery in 6 to 12 months.

Sources have indicated plans to implement IBM Sysplex solutions in the very near future. The company will also evaluate solutions within 3 to 6 months to support big data analytics and mobility-based IT initiatives. Additionally, Ford is planning to invest about $250,000 to $500,000 towards initiatives. The organization is developing Internet-of-Things (IoT) strategies to integrate next-generation connected devices such as sensors, smart watches, and fitness bands into the company’s vehicles.

Sources indicate that Jo-Ann Stores is planning server and storage implementations. The company’s current environment consists of Microsoft, IBM, Dell, Cisco, Red Hat, and Hitachi solutions. Sources have also indicated that the company is looking into a potential implementation of Microsoft Windows 10.

Lastly, Jo-Ann Stores is planning initiatives aimed at improving its enterprise business application platform, and is planning to leverage Pinterest Buyable Pins to enhance customer ecommerce experiences.

KeyCorp has indicated plans to evaluate NetApp and EMC solutions in about 6 to 12 months. These solutions will support a flash storage-based solution that will also aid in infrastructure expansion.

In addition, the company is planning to implement a new network-attached storage (NAS) solution. KeyCorp is also showing increased interest in payment data-based IT solutions integration – throughout the company’s infrastructure.  The company is currently focused on information security initiatives, including the development of a centralized intelligence data repository and the implementation of threat intelligence procedures.

We know you only have so much time in the day, so don’t waste it researching. We have a team of 100+ researchers who are plugging away on the phone, day-in and day-out. Let us do the research while you focus on selling to these primed opportunities. And, while you’re at it, use our direct contact information to bypass gatekeepers and get in touch directly with decision makers. Triggers will help you know which targeted accounts you should be focusing on, and can help you generate an organic conversation about your prospect’s needs, wants, and current initiatives. Go ahead, take these selling opportunities to the bank.

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