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As you may have heard, people across the industry are discussing the Death of the B2B Salesman. While we couldn’t disagree more (B2B sales is not on the decline), we are finding that in order to be successful, sellers need to be more informed, more persistent, and must be able to speak to their prospect’s specific circumstances.

This includes, but is definitely not limited to, understanding exactly what a prospect is currently experiencing and anticipating their needs. In this portion of the sales cycle, timing is EVERYTHING. Knowing about new initiatives and leadership moves first can give sellers an unparalleled competitive advantage. It is estimated that the first vendor to contact a buyer wins the business over 70% of the time! Imagine knowing that you already have the upper hand before you’ve even tried to sell anything, just by being the first to make the call.

If you’re already a DiscoverOrg customer (good for you!) you saw these Triggers last week. If not, here are some of the major selling opportunities that our research team was first to report on:

These Companies All Had Huge Leadership Changes:

DiscoverOrg Sales Intelligence | RSA Canada Leadership ChangePaula Sinclair has recently joined RSA Canada as Senior VP & Chief Information Officer. Previously, Sinclair served as Chief Transformation Officer & CIO at Torstar. Sources have indicated that the company is in the midst of several IT transformation initiatives to support the company’s broker and customer operations. The company has been developing program code in support of implementing increased business intelligence (BI) functionality. RSA Canada recently selected Guidewire ClaimCenter to serve as the company’s claims management system in an effort to improve customer service and enhance efficiency.

DiscoverOrg Scoops | Mattel New Leadership ChangeMattel has named Jill Knesek as Vice President, Information Security & Chief Information Security Officer following the departure of Todd Friedman. Sources have indicated that the company is planning to implement information security systems and is currently in the midst of a strategic Oracle Agile planning module project. Mattel is planning initiatives aimed at implementing IT standards for plant automation and robotics.

DiscoverOrg Scoops | Duquesne Light Leadership ChangeDuquesne Light has recently named Mark Miko as Chief Information Officer following the departure of Greg Sheldon. Previously, Miko served as Chief Information Officer at Education Management Corporation. Duquesne Light is currently in the midst of IT transformation initiatives that will support and enhance the company’s customer engagement efforts. Sources have indicated an interest toward IT initiatives related to the architecture of new cyber security solutions. The organization is planning information system governance, risk, compliance, and security initiatives.

These Companies All Started Big Initiatives:

DiscoverOrg Scoops | Costco Wholesale IT InitiativesSources have indicated that Costco Wholesale is planning upcoming IT projects related to disaster recovery and analytics and has shown increased interest towards network infrastructure and virtualization solutions. The company is planning identity and access management (IAM) strategies to support IS initiatives related to globalization and cloud that includes hybrid-cloud, BYOD, Application Services AuthN/Z Integration, and MFA. Sources have indicated that the company is interested in the development and implementation of new point of sale (POS) solutions to support the company’s fuel and warehouse operations.

DiscoverOrg Scoops | American Express IT InitiativesAmerican Express recently selected several Coupa procurement, invoicing, and expense solutions to improve spend management within the company’s American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) unit. The company is currently partnering with NetSuite, Workday, Dell Boomi, Jive, and Coupa to support the cloud-based transformation efforts within the American Express GBT, and is expected to complete the cloud transition within the next six months.  The company is in the midst of experimenting with facial recognition technologies at the company’s New York labs, which it is looking at as a possible solution for secure mobile payment transfers. Sources have indicated that the company is planning integrations of new applications into identity and access management (IAM) solutions.

DiscoverOrg Scoops | IT InitiativesColgate-Palmolive is planning to develop and implement new end-user eLearning solutions that aim to increase user engagement and application understandings. Sources have indicated that the company is planning improvements to SAP HANA and infrastructure to support new locations and expansions. The company is planning investments over $5 million to support analytics, cloud, virtualization, disaster recovery, and mobility initiatives. The company is expected to begin evaluations of vendors, including IBM, SAP, Microsoft, and internal consultants, within 6-12 months to support these initiatives.

In today’s complex selling environment, knowing the needs and wants of your buyer is not only an advantage, it’s imperative. Your prospects expect more from you than ever before. Let them know that you understand their pain points, know about their most recent leadership changes, and that you’re ready to help them with their new initiative. Don’t participate in the death of the B2B salesman; adapt to the changing selling environment and go into your prospecting conversations with the cards stacked in your favor.

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