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It’s mid-June and things are starting to heat up in the IT industry. While these changes and initiatives may be a headache for them – it’s a great opportunity for you as an IT vendor.

A recent survey conducted by DiscoverOrg of C-Level executives who had been in their new position for less than six months showed overwhelmingly that big changes happen within those first months of tenure. More than 25% of C-Level executives surveyed had spent over $1 million, and 71% did so within their first three months in their new position.

DiscoverOrg is uncovering 1,000s of Triggers weekly – these are strong indications that a company is ready, willing, and able to buy. These Scoops outline pain points, leadership changes, and new spending initiatives. Scoops are primed opportunities for you to reach out and start a conversation about your solution or service. And guess what? Studies have shown that the first vendor to contact a buyer wins the business over 70% of the time . Those are odds that you want to invest in.

Below are examples of Scoops that our team of in-house research analysts were the first to report on last week:

These Companies All Had Huge Leadership Changes:

Cisco Systems has promoted Guillermo Diaz Jr. from Senior VP, Connected IT to the role of Chief Information Officer, filling the role that was previously held by Rebecca Jacoby, who has been promoted to Senior VP, Operations. Diaz will continue reporting to Jacoby. The company is planning to add new pricing and analytics capability in SAP HANA for its pricing teams to enable better negotiations with business suppliers. Cisco Systems is also in the midst of a proof-of-concept (POC) project leveraging SAP HANA in an effort to increase marketing analytics capabilities.

Walgreens has promoted Steve Turner from Senior Director, Digital Technology Operations to Head of Technology Infrastructure. In this role, Turner will be responsible for overseeing data storage, telecommunications, database & data networks functions. Walgreens is planning to implement data analytics tools to leverage multiple data sources including enterprise data warehouses and web analytics in an effort to facilitate recommendations to improve sales, user experience (UX), customer satisfaction, business insights, and web performance.

Experian has named Barry Libenson as Global Chief Information Officer. In his previous tenure at Safeway, Libenson oversaw big data efforts focused on the use of the grocery chain’s loyalty program data. Sources indicate that the company is interested in adding new capabilities including predictive analytics and advanced segmentation emphasizing social and mobile channels. Sources have indicated an increased interest in the evaluation of Gigamon, Citrix, and Riverbed Technology solutions to support upcoming network infrastructure initiatives. Experian is also planning to implement automation and self-service capabilities for server deployments.

These Companies All Started Big Initiatives:

Capital One Financial is currently evaluating solutions to support IT projects related to application performance monitoring and data center consolidation. They are in the midst of migration, consolidation, and upgrade initiatives related to the company’s Microsoft Active Directory solution. Capital One Financial has contracted talent to support these efforts. The company is also in the midst of a delivery transformation initiative and planning a private cloud for developers, leveraging OpenStack.

Starwood Hotels is currently focusing efforts toward mobile and web channels. Currently, Starwood Hotels is nearing the 50/50 point of mobile to web users , and expects mobile to become its main channel in the near future. Sources indicate that data will serve as a supporting factor for the company’s IT plans over the next several years. Starwood Hotels has indicated an interest in development of solutions to complement trends in computing miniaturization, wearables, and the internet of things (IoT). The company is also in the midst of developing ProMeetings mobile applications to enable pro-members to process request through the application. The application is expected to launch in 2016.

Safeway is in the midst of rolling out voice-over IP (VoIP) throughout the company’s retail stores, district offices, data centers, and distribution centers. The company is in the midst of deploying Cisco WebEx and Jabber solutions throughout the company’s district offices. Safeway is also in the midst of initiatives to double data center capacity and recently initiated a $600 million IT program to enable the merger and integration with Albertson’s acquired services.

While the industry (and season) is heating up, we want to make sure that you’re not going in cold. Leverage this information to create meaningful, productive, and proactive conversations about how your solution might benefit these organizations. Don’t miss out on a single opportunity by subscribing to receive Scoops in your inbox weekly.

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