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As cybersecurity concerns intensify across the globe, CIOs have become increasingly visible and valuable. In some cases, the failure of a CIO to mitigate risk can cost a company a lot more than the lofty compensation packages they command.

If IT departments are your prospecting focus, it might be valuable to know where the CIO you’re targeting falls in the Fortune 500 range of compensation – to gauge seniority, the value placed on security initiatives, and related budget. Unfortunately, while CEOs’ and CFOs’ salaries are almost always disclosed by Fortune 500 companies, a majority do not share this information for their CIOs.

To find this out, you would need a team of highly-trained researchers. Good news, though – we have that team in place. Our research experts maintain the most reliably accurate database of IT intelligence available – including CIO information. In short, they know a thing or two about the Fortune 500.

For this project, we tapped their skills to comb the proxy statements of the Fortune 500 and create a list of top-paid CIOs with pay details and background information. In many cases, we’ve also included a list of recent projects straight from the DiscoverOrg database, so you can be aware of what a particular CIO has been championing during their tenure.

If intelligence on current initiatives within your prospect companies sounds useful, you may also want to check out our latest sales Scoops.

Download the full CIO report here.

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