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Every day my sales team is talking to companies that have a need for good data. Usually without realizing how strong of a need they actually have. As purveyors of IT intelligence, it is our job to help companies realize the value of good data. However, the one thing continues to amaze me is that most of these companies already have a very advanced CRM and/or Marketing Automation tool in place. These companies are paying top dollar for the best CRM and Marketing Automation tools to organize inaccurate leads, or leads that they simply don’t have.

Organization is Secondary to Good Data

As much as CRM and Marketing Automation Software are fantastic tools (we use Salesforce and love it), there’s really no question it should always be SECONDARY to getting good data first. Without clean data, these tools are literally and figuratively ‘empty boxes’, advanced gadgets without any substance.

Recently I attended a sales kickoff with one of our clients. The sales team is hungry. They know they have a great value proposition around data security and they are dying to pitch it to the right people. Until now they just didn’t have the right data on their prospects to be effective in their outbound efforts. Their hunger is wasted.

Enter DiscoverOrg

When our product was introduced to the team at the sales kickoff you could feel the energy in the room spike. Now it was our turn to live up to our expectations – or really the product’s turn to prove it does what we say it does.

I gave a quick description of what we do (profile IT departments and the contacts within) and how we do it (strictly primary research, by conducting thousands of phone interviews a day). Immediately the sales people, being sales people, were skeptical and put us to the task:

“Pull up Levi Strauss– I just got their org chart so let’s see how good it really is” – for the record, this is my FAVORITE question in any sales presentation. We pulled up the Levi’s IT org chart and nailed it.

That wasn’t enough – “pull up Nationwide” – “look for Mike Gaetano” – nailed it again. Now I had them. The room was electric at this point.

The President and the COO of the company were giddy. Why? In 100 years of companies selling B2B data no one has ever focused on true quality. Companies in the marketing and sales intelligence space want to build software and systems to gather and rank leads but no one is focusing on the quality of the data that drives those systems. That’s how your systems can become just empty (expensive) boxes.

Quality Over Everything

There is a myth that data is a commodity, but there’s never been a truly successful Lead Generation, Sales or Marketing program that has been run on junk data. If you fill your Salesforce, Marketo, Pardot, Dynamics, Sugar and Eloqua systems with outdated, irrelevant data and hand off junk contacts to your sales team to call on – they’ll just be spinning their wheels and you’ll be wondering why your CRM didn’t grow your sales. A great CRM or Marketing Automation tool only performs to its fullest potential when filled with good data.

Your business processes need to be built around good data on your prospects and customers. If you’re making big investments in empty boxes like sales force automation tools and marketing automation tools –your investments will be fruitless if they aren’t powered with good data.

In 2013 our company was named for a third time to the INC 500 list. This year already we have received a CODiE Award and a Stevie Award, both highly regarded awards in IT and Marketing Industries. With our new integration with Salesforce, we are pleased to know that analysts are finding our product as valuable as our nearly 1050 customers. This recognition comes solely because our clients, and the IT industry, recognize what having “no bad data” can do for their processes.

We are continually excited about bringing a new level of accuracy and service to the IT Vendor Community and know that for the foreseeable future we will continue to make sales and marketing teams stand and up, clap and whistle at the sight of what is truly unparalleled data

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Henry Schuck is the CEO of DiscoverOrg, a 7-time Fortune 5000 company, which he co-founded at the age of 23. He has extensive experience managing the sales and marketing activities of fast-growing information technology data companies.