“Searching data is all about effectiveness and efficiency. We get both with DiscoverOrg.”

-Brian Lamendola, Senior Research & Knowledge Management Lead

The Customer

Allegis Partners, a New York City-based executive search and recruitment firm, are the leaders in providing highly customized executive placement solutions to identify, engage, and deliver successful C-suite and board level candidates for clients of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 multinational corporations

The Challenge

Allegis Partners delivers proven leaders to its clients, relying on years of experience to target only the best talent for the best companies. But when it came to identifying fresh candidate lists and assembling accurate organization charts for their roles and responsibilities, Allegis Partners needed a better solution.

With clients counting on them for their companies’ long-term success, Allegis Partners recruited DiscoverOrg.

The Solution

Allegis Partners selected the HR, Legal & CxO Datasets, and got instant access to the most complete, accurate, and in-depth market intelligence data in existence.

“It’s just much better contact data. It’s clear, easy to use, and much more accurate than other sources we’ve used.” says Brian Lamendola, Senior Research & Knowledge Management Lead at Allegis Partners. Not only is DiscoverOrg’s data the most accurate market intelligence data in the industry, but with its powerful search and filtering capabilities, Brian’s team shaved hours of arduous, manual candidate research off their duties each day. “The filtering aspect is amazing. Everything that we need to know about a candidate, anything that matters to our client, we can automatically search for,” says Lamendola.

What’s more, DiscoverOrg’s deep and fully up-to-date organization charts and summaries allowed Allegis Partners to understand the distribution of duties and responsibilities within each company, and identify not only those in executive roles, but those who would be perfect candidates to step into them. “We can locate top execs, but we can also locate those multiple layers of talent that make us so valuable to our clients,” says Lamendola.

Today, Allegis Partners still builds the dream teams that help its clients continue to grow and shape the business world. And thanks to DiscoverOrg, it’s confident that talent pool is deeper than ever.

That’s leadership for long-term success, made possible by DiscoverOrg.