We simply trust the data.

Branden Welch, Sales and Marketing Manager

The Customer

AVI-SPL, www.avispl.com, is the global leader in enterprise grade audio visual systems integration and collaboration solutions for the transforming workplace and workforce. Recently named 2016 Managed Video Conferencing Services Company of the Year by leading market research firm Frost & Sullivan, AVI-SPL is the first multi-national solutions provider to earn APEx certification, and is the only company that can self-certify to InfoComm standards.

The Challenge

Collaboration is driving the world forward, and AVI-SPL makes those connections possible. Wanting to meet the workplace transformation needs of current and prospective global enterprise customers, AVI-SPL found it essential to strengthen its market intelligence data to enable the company’s sales team to grow prospect lists, segment territories, and deepen portfolios.

Looking to enhance the organization’s ability to enact an effective account-based marketing (ABM) strategy, AVI-SPL needed to implement more reliable organizational charts and boost contact information accuracy, including automation of updating job titles. Without bolstering this key data, the company risked leaving thousands of leads from being discovered, and potentially millions of dollars of cross-selling opportunities, on the table.

The Solution

AVI-SPL selected the IT dataset in North America and Europe. Instantly, AVI-SPL got access to the most complete, accurate, and in-depth market intelligence data in existence. Now, AVI-SPL can segment territories by nearly any criteria it chooses, including those most important to it, like IT expenditure by region. Additionally, it has full control of a successful ABM strategy, and is able to see exactly which stakeholders and decision makers influence deals within accounts, as well as how to connect directly with each prospective client to offer the best solutions to fit their needs.

Sales and Marketing Operations Manager at AVI-SPL Branden Welch is astounded by the difference DiscoverOrg has made for his team. “We simply trust the data,” Welch says. “The sales development team feel like superheroes to the outside sales team.”

It’s hard not to with superhuman results like these: AVI-SPL has closed $2.7 million in revenue in less than 2 years directly thanks to DiscoverOrg data, and counts an additional 12,000 DiscoverOrg-generated leads in its pipeline, worth over $2.9 million. “That’s a 5% bump in revenue,” raves Welch. With enabled growth and better prospecting, it’s easy to see why AVI-SPL connects with DiscoverOrg.

Business Benefits

  • DiscoverOrg’s comprehensive and searchable data points allow AVI-SPL to segment territories according to what matters to them most, including IT expenditure by region.
  • AVI-SPL successfully executes an Account-Based strategy thanks to DiscoverOrg’s insights into which stakeholders and decision makers influence deals within accounts, as well as how to connect directly with each of them.
  • DiscoverOrg directly enabled AVI-SPL to close $2.7 million in revenue and filled their pipeline with an additional 12,000 leads, worth over $2.9 million – a 5% jump in revenue.