Bonfyre improved sales leads, and aligned Marketing and Sales for an Account-Based Everything strategy, with DiscoverOrg

“Our sales teams have much more confidence…they have an edge, now. They’re laser-focused.”

– Jake Bernstein, Senior Business Development Manager

The Customer

Bonfyre, a St. Louis-based technology company, is changing the way companies establish, nurture, and grow their culture with its communication platform. Bonfyre modernizes employee communications by creating a dedicated digital space that allows workforces to build trusting, collaborative relationships that boost productivity, engagement, and decrease employee turnover.

The Challenge

Bonfyre helps employees engage in more meaningful ways, no matter where they are. But when it came to identifying and engaging its ideal target accounts, Bonfyre needed a spark.

Incomplete market intelligence data from a third-party provider made it difficult for Bonfyre to establish its total addressable market or ideal client profile. A lack of information about prospect buying intent or current technology stack was challenging, and Bonfyre’s account-based sales strategy wasn’t as effective as it could be.

In order to get their platform in the right hands, Bonfyre turned to DiscoverOrg.

The Solution

Bonfyre selected the C-Suite, Human Resources, and Marketing datasets, in conjunction with the HubSpot Webhook, giving Bonfyre instant access to the most complete, accurate, and in-depth market intelligence data in existence.

“We use DiscoverOrg’s data and Employee Engagement Scoops to better predict deals. Our sales teams now have much more confidence in knowing buying intent, knowing the challenges and pain points to discuss with each target, and knowing to whom to reach out,” says Jake Bernstein, Senior Business Development Manager at Bonfyre. “They have an edge, now. They’re laser-focused.”

This improved data has allowed Bonfyre to slash their account research and selection time by 50%, while drastically improving prospect quality. “We’re setting more meetings with Tier 1 accounts. We’re able to zero-in on them much, much faster,” says Bernstein. Utilizing the Outreach integration, reps select their target accounts and import key contacts and data in a matter of seconds – further saving time and driving personalized campaigns.

Bonfyre’s marketing team is reaping the rewards, as well. Since partnering with DiscoverOrg, marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) grew 30% the quarter after fully implementing DiscoverOrg. “With DiscoverOrg, our sales and marketing are now aligned at the account level.”

Today, Bonfyre is executing a robust, mature account-based everything (ABE) strategy, sharing target lists between sales and marketing teams and driving highly-personalized Outreach campaigns. It’s able to better plan its territories based on likely opportunities, and with a single press of a button, it can import all key contacts and data related to a target account.

“DiscoverOrg is invested in our success as a true partner,” says Bernstein.

More leads, more revenue, and better targets. That’s a healthy workplace culture, made possible by DiscoverOrg.