CAS Severn needed hyper-reliable, granular, and up-to-date data that was highly searchable and customizable to target its prospecting efforts and break into its top ideal accounts as part of an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy.

“It’s been remarkable. It’s opened up a whole universe of enterprise businesses that we had no idea existed, all perfectly fitting our ideal customer profile. DiscoverOrg is totally driving our email, LinkedIn, and outbound calling campaigns.”

-Connie Roberts, Chief Marketing Officer

The Customer

CAS Severn, a Laurel, Maryland-based data storage, infrastructure and security company, has been designing and delivering technology solutions that increase performance, security, and total cost of ownership for its clients for over 40 years. CAS Severn was named a 2017 Tech Elite Solution Provider by CRN.

The Challenge

CAS Severn understands what it means to take data seriously. The Washington, D.C.-area cybersecurity and data storage firm has built its sterling reputation on four decades.

But with extremely narrow and specific parameters for its ideal customer profile, limited in both size, location, and industry, CAS Severn needed to make its prospecting resources go further by improving its account targeting.

With a nose for data but in need of some of its own, CAS Severn enlisted DiscoverOrg.

The Solution

CAS Severn didn’t need all the prospecting data. It needed the right prospecting data just about the customers it serves.

“We only focus on three states and a very specific type of enterprise business and target industry,” explains Connie Roberts, CMO of CAS Severn. “Precise targeting of personas is critical to us. We needed an incredibly granular level of data.”

Roberts and CAS Severn got the data they needed from DiscoverOrg, who delivered its North American IT Dataset, which includes Enterprise, MidMarket, SME & Government / Higher Education data, giving CAS Severn access to the world’s most detailed, granular, and accurate prospecting data in existence, manually verified and updated by DiscoverOrg’s team.

“It’s been remarkable,” Roberts says. “It’s opened up a whole universe of enterprise businesses that we had no idea existed, all perfectly fitting our ideal customer profile. DiscoverOrg is totally driving our email, LinkedIn, and outbound calling campaigns.  Indeed we are now seeing 25%+ open rates and a predictable flow of meetings being scheduled. Once a meeting is scheduled, our reps are armed with granular account level detail thanks to the account profiles that they can quickly download from DiscoverOrg”.

Not only that, but CAS Severn is using DiscoverOrg data to power its direct mail and dimensional mailer campaigns, using physical marketing materials (combined with reliable mailing address from DiscoverOrg) to stand above the modern digital noise and deliver a personalized touch to prospects.

“Direct mail is very costly. We’re able to maximize our returns with DiscoverOrg. Only a tiny, tiny percentage could not be delivered, which means our message is getting into the hands of our prospects and customers better,” says Roberts.

From direct mail to direct dial, DiscoverOrg data is boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of all of CAS Severn’s marketing efforts. “Our outside telemarketing agency relies on DiscoverOrg data to land appointments. So far this year, we’ve set 250 appointments and met with 160,” Roberts says. “We directly attribute this to the quality of our DiscoverOrg data.” In addition, CAS Severn won the IBM Marketing award, which was based on digital marketing and results, and DiscoverOrg data helped them achieve this.

Today, Roberts’ team is using DiscoverOrg data to build campaigns around searchable parameters like prospects’ technology owned, known strategic buying initiatives, and more. And despite an extremely narrow ideal customer profile, CAS Severn is growing rapidly.

“What more can I say about DiscoverOrg? The data is amazing. The pricing is excellent for the value. The team is highly responsive. It’s been fantastic.  All that said, I am still amazed at the personal touch and strong culture that I’ve come to love. Out of the blue, Henry Schuck called me to simply check in.  I never spoke with Henry before and he mentioned that he routinely calls his clients as a way to say thank you and learn how to better serve us. Calling this impressive is an understatement!”

That’s better data for people who know better data. That’s DiscoverOrg.