“We’ve closed dream accounts that we would have never been exposed to by leveraging this ABM approach. DiscoverOrg data made all that possible.”

– Tim Farrelly, President

The Customer

The Coit Group, www.coitgroup.com, a Silicon Valley recruiting solutions provider, offers readiness planning, candidate sourcing, applicant tracking, review and approval, offer management, and full recruitment process outsourcing to rapidly growing clients of all sizes. The Coit Group has built engineering, sales, and operations teams for Fortune 500 customers in healthcare, information technology, transportation, cybersecurity, human resources, and commercial manufacturing industries.

The Challenge

The Coit Group builds client dream teams, but as it transitioned from inbound referrals to targeting select prospecting accounts, it was having trouble building out its own Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy. Coit engaged DiscoverOrg’s partner, Campaign Stars, to assist in developing its account-based marketing framework.

The continued success of the entire operation depended upon accurately identifying and targeting the ideal prospect accounts. “The first question we needed to answer was who to target,” Coit Group CEO Joe Belluomini says. Coit couldn’t afford to waste time chasing ill-suited accounts or relying on bad contact data. It needed a reliable, accurate way to map its account-based marketing program – and it needed it fast.

The Solution

Campaign Stars built its ABM business on the back of DiscoverOrg’s market intelligence data. By partnering with Campaign Stars, Coit got access to DiscoverOrg’s Mid-Market and Enterprise datasets, and the most accurate, robust, up-to-date contact data in the industry.

“With a few clicks,” Belluomini says, “we could instantly see how the size of our addressable market changed based upon the criteria selected, including location, title and seniority, industry, and dozens of other attributes. We were amazed at how granular we could get, down to the technology solutions owned. DiscoverOrg’s data helped us create our ideal client profile. We pulled a laser-focused set of 8,000 contacts at 1,500 target accounts.”

Empowered by DiscoverOrg’s data, Coit and Campaign Stars developed and executed a robust ABM strategy, including a single Survey-Based Lead Generation play that generated $2.5 million in pipeline in less than three weeks, plus new response data from 75 target accounts that they now use as the basis for nurture programs.

“We’ve tripled our average conversion rate, because our sales team is now able to engage based on the challenges our prospects self-report,” says Coit Group President Tim Farrelly. “We’ve closed dream accounts that we would have never been exposed to by leveraging this ABM approach. DiscoverOrg data made all that possible.”

Coit has seen its email deliverability leap from 60% to 98% with DiscoverOrg, and its direct-dial connection rate is near-perfect. As a result, Coit’s campaigns are landing, its salespeople are connecting, and its pipeline is growing.

“DiscoverOrg’s data quality has massively exceeded our expectations,” Farrelly says.

Better prospect account data driving better prospect account marketing? That’s real ABM power, made possible by DiscoverOrg.

Business Benefits

  • AccountView, a DiscoverOrg feature revealed 1,500 new best-fit accounts for Coit to target as part of their transition to account-based marketing.
  • Coit generated $2.5 million in pipeline – in less than three weeks. The company used DiscoverOrg’s verified email addresses in target accounts to send a successful a survey-based lead generation initiative.
  • Coit knew that ABM requires sales and marketing teams to be aligned. Although they use different systems, both sales and marketing systems were piped the same great DiscoverOrg data. The result was warmer leads, smoother transition, and better alignment.
  • Coit’s marketing department enjoyed a 98% email delivery success rate, thanks to verified email addresses.
  • Every time Coit’s sales team called a contact, they got through – not to a front desk or main line, but to the decisionmaker they were trying to reach. 
  • As Coit grew, they knew they couldn’t rely on inbound marketing alone to drive leads. They transitioned successfully from inbound to outbound marketing by identifying new markets and best-fit accounts, personalization, and direct access.