“With DiscoverOrg, our reps can forge direct access paths to the right decision makers without working through complex internal structures.”

– Jon Freeman, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Service

The Customer

Confio (now part of SolarWinds), www.confio.com, develops and delivers software that enables IT departments to respond to pressures created by the huge expansion of data under management, the move to virtual and cloud infrastructure and the proliferation of agile software processes. It does this by improving the process of managing database performance for teams of developers, database administrators (DBAs) and management. Its main product, Confio Ignite™, is used to improve service delivery for systems based on Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2 and SAP Sybase databases, running on VMware virtual servers as well as conventional platforms.

The Challenges of IT Sales

Confio was experiencing strong growth and expanding its IT sales team, but it needed to find a way to boost production of its outbound sales as it was relying on inbound IT leads alone. Taking the next step, Confio began using a competitive IT organization intelligence provider. However, this approach wasn’t enabling its reps to realize the kind of efficiency and effectiveness they needed to reach the company’s aggressive goal of increasing the number of quality leads into the pipeline by 70% year over year.

Confio needed a solution that would help reps gather better intelligence on decision makers in the IT departments of its customers and prospects, especially database administrators (DBAs). This meant having access to more accurate contact information, and to an IT department’s organizational and reporting structure.

Confio needed a dataset that would give it access to IT decision makers and buying opportunities in the SMB market.

Confio’s reps also needed to correctly identify a company’s buying signals in order to more strategically target immediate and pending technology sales opportunities, and give reps vital intelligence as they walked into a sales meeting.

The solution had to be intuitive and easy to use, so it would not take up the valuable time of Confio’s reps.

The Solution

Confio selected the Enterprise, Mid-Market and SMB Datasets from DiscoverOrg because, unlike its competitors, they provided not just a list of names but actionable business intelligence for its sales team. It found the DiscoverOrg Datasets delivered unmatched accuracy, including the names, titles, direct dial phone numbers, verified email addresses and IT intelligence on the profiled companies. More than 98% of the email addresses in the datasets are verified, and 95% include direct dial numbers, making it far and away the leader in this category. The information in all DiscoverOrg datasets is completely refreshed every 90 days. Unlike its competitors, DiscoverOrg provides lists of database administrators (DBAs) for all companies in its datasets.

In particular, the SMB Dataset provided Confio with a fully scrubbed list of key personnel at 8,000 smaller businesses that represented only true IT buying opportunities – something no competitor could match.

Confio also selected DiscoverOrg’s IT Org Charts, which are provided for every profiled company, because of the deep-dive view they provide into the organizational structure of IT departments. They give Confio a full hierarchical map of the decision-making echelon at its targeted accounts, including complete visibility into who reports to whom and who has authority to sign off on IT sales decisions.

One other advantage was DiscoverOrg’s contact location mapping feature, which allows reps in the field to see a visual representation of where IT leads were in a given area and be more efficient and effective in terms of setting up technology sales calls.

“Because IT sales require a very complex sales process, it’s critical that reps identify all the stakeholders involved in the buying decision early on in the sales cycle,” said Jon Freeman, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Service for Confio. “This is not an easy task, as corporate hierarchies often prevent sharing this kind of vital information. With DiscoverOrg, our reps can forge direct access paths to the right decision-makers without working through complex internal structures.”

Business Benefits

  • Using DiscoverOrg’s Datasets and IT Org Charts, Confio experienced a 15% lift in sales in its first year.
  • 25% of the contacts initiated by Confio’s sales reps were the result of using DiscoverOrg.
  • The IT Org Charts helped Confio sales reps identify key decision-making personnel at both existing and new accounts and book more appointments with them.
  • At the same time, the IT Org Charts helped Confio reps expand their reach and footprint within existing and new accounts.
  • The IT Org Charts also helped Confio reps to bypass gatekeepers, going directly to the decision makers and thereby increasing the odds of closing the deal.
  • DiscoverOrg gave Confio unparalleled access to IT buying opportunities in the SMB market.
  • DiscoverOrg helped Confio increase efficiency. In the time it used to take them to reach 12 contacts, they can now reach 20 – a significant difference when extrapolated out across the entire sales force.

“With DiscoverOrg, our IT sales team is more productive and more efficient, accomplishing 30 percent more in the same time period,” said Freeman.