“We wanted the highest quality data and organizational charts, and DiscoverOrg was the clear winner. We’ve been thrilled.”Jay Tuel, Senior Director of Sales Development

The Customer

Demandbase, www.demandbase.com, is an industry leader in the rapidly expanding field of account-based marketing (ABM). Demandbase offers a robust platform and a broad selection of solutions to help clients design, implement, and execute a mature account-based marketing strategy and deliver highly personalized messaging within target accounts. Demandbase maintains offices in San Francisco, New York, Seattle, and London, and has partnered with some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the world.

The Challenge

Demandbase has the expertise and technology to help its customers close more deals and win more revenue with less marketing waste. But inferior market intelligence left its contact database full of gaps, holes, and out-of-date information, and Demandbase struggled to identify and target the key stakeholders and decision-makers. Worse, unreliable purchase intent alerts frequently failed to notify the sales team when their prospects acquired new software or embarked upon new initiatives.

Tired of missing out on valuable opportunities, Demandbase ditched its old legacy solution and turned to DiscoverOrg.

The Solution

Demandbase selected the Marketing Dataset and OppAlerts – DiscoverOrg’s predictive tool based on searches and downloads – and instantly got access to the most complete, accurate, in-depth market intelligence data on the market.

“We had heard great things about DiscoverOrg. We wanted the highest quality data and organizational charts, and DiscoverOrg was the clear winner. We’ve been thrilled,” says Jay Tuel, Senior Director of Sales Development at Demandbase.

Tuel and his team of 28 salespeople are now able to keep up with all meaningful developments at their target accounts, whether it’s a prospect acquiring a new CMS or marketing automation tool, or a contact changing job positions – thanks to DiscoverOrg’s Scoop alerts.

“We need to determine all potentially compelling events that give us a reason to engage with stakeholders,” Tuel says. “We can do that with DiscoverOrg.”

Not only can Tuel and his team react more swiftly to new opportunities, but they save time and money in their prospecting activities, too. “Our success rate with contacts jumped to over 85% with DiscoverOrg. Now, we spend less time figuring out who the right contact is, who they report into and how to contact them, and more time actually selling,” says Tuel.

Demandbase estimates that partnering with DiscoverOrg has saved each member of Tuel’s team hours per week by allowing them to easily find company and contact information for their top accounts.

This massive boost in operational efficiency has already borne dividends for Demandbase.

“We need to constantly engage multiple stakeholders within each account, because purchasing decisions are made by committee at organizations that large,” Tuel says. “We need accurate information on these accounts and have been very happy with what DiscoverOrg provides us.”

Would Demandbase recommend a partnership with DiscoverOrg?

“Absolutely,” Tuel says.

Now that’s an actionable insight.