Folloze needed to better focus its targeting efforts to only ideal accounts, and the robust market intelligence data to quickly loop in every key stakeholder within each organization.

“The ability to accurately map large enterprise accounts is critical. DiscoverOrg gives us that.”

-Mike Read, Manager of Account Development

The Customer

Folloze, a San Mateo-based technology company, is revolutionizing how sales and marketing teams engage with their top prospects as part of an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy. The Folloze platform enables companies of all sizes to close more deals by creating highly personalized content at scale, automatically formatted for distribution across all channels, regardless of the size of their marketing departments.

The Challenge

Folloze gives sales and marketing departments a powerful way to create varieties of engaging content that resonate with their ideal prospects. But when it came to targeting and engaging its own accounts, Folloze needed an assist. Unreliable market intelligence data made its outbound prospecting efforts inefficient and time-consuming. Folloze knew it needed more reliable organizational data for better organization and prioritizing of accounts.

Folloze – a brilliant account-based marketing solution without enough accounts – turned to DiscoverOrg.

The Solution

Folloze selected the global Marketing and Sales datasets, along with the CRM application for Salesforce, and got instant access to the most complete, accurate, and in-depth market intelligence data in existence.

“DiscoverOrg’s data lets us see our accounts from an organizational hierarchy level,” explains Mike Read, Manager of Account Development at Folloze. “Who are the key decision makers we need to talk to, and where do they sit in the organization? Now, we can map our outreach.” With a robust cross-selling business model that Read calls “land and expand,” Folloze wields DiscoverOrg data to identify ideal target accounts based on metrics like size, revenue, geography, and technology owned.

The result is more productive time each day. In fact, Folloze’s ADRs now each save 3 hours per day of manual, tedious research, boosting daily productivity by a massive 38%. “We used to spend too much time on busy tasks. Now our ADRs have more bandwidth to go after each and every stakeholder within an account,” says Read. The result is more buy-in from prospects at each level.

Folloze also takes advantage of the DiscoverOrg’s app for Salesforce, which brings the power and insight of DiscoverOrg data directly into Salesforce. Now Folloze’s Sales and CSM teams can see exactly which stakeholders should be looped into each conversation to maximize effectiveness and book a meeting faster.

“Whenever we go into an account, we love that DiscoverOrg is already popped up right in Salesforce,” Read says. “Our team prepares for calls by having all that information open in front of them.” And since DiscoverOrg’s data lives right in their normal workflows, adoption by the Sales team is at nearly 100%.

With DiscoverOrg’s ListMatch, Folloze builds out robust contact lists for highly targeted events like executive dinners – based on a single point of available data. “It’s my favorite feature,” says Read. “Our executive dinners are standing-room only now.”

Today, Folloze executes effective ABM plays, while its sales teams are laser-focused on only ideal target accounts. “Our customer experience with DiscoverOrg has been amazing,” Read says.

That’s a smarter engagement strategy, made possible by DiscoverOrg.