“Having as many direct dials as possible enables an inside sales team to greatly increase their effectiveness. Being able to dial and reach the right people and have a conversation is key.”

– Matt Wheeler, Senior Manager of Inside Sales Development, ForeScout Technologies.

The Customer

ForeScout, www.forescout.com, delivers pervasive network security by allowing organizations to continuously monitor and mitigate security exposures and cyber attacks. The company’s CounterACT appliance dynamically identifies and assesses all network users, endpoints and applications to provide complete visibility, intelligence and policy-based mitigation of security issues. ForeScout’s open ControlFabric technology allows a broad range of IT security products and management systems to share information and automate remediation actions.

The Challenge

ForeScout was looking to increase the efficiency of its inside sales team. The company found the sales team was spending too much time wading through the outer layers of prospect organizations in order to speak to the right people. They needed a solution that would deliver sales effectiveness, maximize the impact of a limited sales staff and automate the queries needed to get current information on projects and opportunities.

Working with other traditional data sources, ForeScout was dissatisfied with the lack of intelligence, accountability and accuracy in its lead databases. The company needed to equip members of its inside sales team with reliable contact data so they could have real conversations without wasting sales cycles on research.

The Solution

ForeScout selected the enterprise and government datasets from DiscoverOrg. Almost immediately, ForeScout was able to leverage the DiscoverOrg tools to map its inside sales hiring strategy to the wealth of easily segmented target prospects it could now access. DiscoverOrg enabled ForeScout reps to easily identify the most ideal opportunities, select the verticals with the highest possibility for success and target the most appropriate people in the right functions, thus producing measurable sales increases. DiscoverOrg did all of the legwork by supplying the inside sales reps with reliable contact information so they could spend their time prospecting instead of researching. “Now, our reps are spending much more time on the phone based on our ability to map leads to accounts,” said Matt Wheeler, Senior Manager of Inside Sales Development for ForeScout.

Using DiscoverOrg’s sales tools, ForeScout’s sales management is now armed with the intelligence needed to map out exactly which key accounts new reps will be targeting even before they are brought onboard, allowing them to have an immediate impact on the company’s success.

DiscoverOrg Organization Charts

Using DiscoverOrg’s IT Org Charts, ForeScout can map out high-quality opportunities and approach companies strategically, which includes targeting prospects based not only on specific job functions but also based on which technologies an employee manages. The IT Org Charts provide ForeScout reps with visibility into the reporting structure so they can invite decision makers into the process at just the right time. “If the person we are speaking to is a champion, but not a decision maker, we use the IT Org Charts to look up the line,” said Wheeler, “If we schedule a meeting, we loop in the decision maker early in the process, thus increasing the likelihood of closing the deal.”


DiscoverOrg’s Scoops are a key element in ForeScout’s sales effectiveness. Having designed scoops to use specific keywords and ideal profiles, sales management now treats them with the same priority as it does when someone asks for a quote from the company. “If we know that a company is diligently researching solutions we offer, that becomes a very high priority target,” said Wheeler.

Business Benefits

  • DiscoverOrg’s sales intelligence greatly increased the effectiveness of ForeScout sales reps by reducing research time and increasing phone time
  • DiscoverOrg targeted RealTime Scoops provide sales reps with promising opportunities as they happen, giving ForeScout strategic first-mover advantage
  • DiscoverOrg’s IT Org Charts provide ForeScout the upstream visibility to bring decision makers into the sales process earlier
  • DiscoverOrg delivers invaluable intelligence, enabling opportunity mapping for informed hiring

“DiscoverOrg provides almost too much power and its tools enable our team to be overwhelmingly successful,” said Wheeler. “DiscoverOrg creates clients for life.”