“DiscoverOrg is just a much better value. It gave us the tool we needed to fill our CRM with the right accounts and contacts.”

-David Donegan, Sales Development Manager, Global Shares

The Customer

Global Shares, an Irish global leader in stock option management software, provides equity plan administration, global custody, share-dealing, and financial reporting services to companies and their employees in over 100 countries worldwide.

The Challenge

Global Shares delivers stock option management solutions that help create long-term security for its clients and their employees. But when it came to identifying prospects by several critical macro-level parameters, Global Shares found its existing data provider lacked the precision to target only the qualified accounts it was after.

With a CRM in need of help and a lack of actionable data to grow its territories, Global Shares invested in DiscoverOrg.

The Solution

Global Shares selected DiscoverOrg’s Finance & HR Datasets to get access to highly accurate contact data and deep market intelligence. Unlike Global Shares’ previous data provider, which operated on a credit-per-contact model, DiscoverOrg’s data model is unlimited. This opened the door to a level of scalability that was cost prohibitive before.

“With DiscoverOrg’s model, we can focus on building our business, not counting credits,” says David Donegan, Sales Development Manager at Global Shares. “We get the information we need, efficiently and affordably.”

But quantity means nothing without the quality to back it up, and Global Shares enjoyed more value from DiscoverOrg’s data than it could have hoped. “The direct dials are extremely strong and emails have ultra-low bounce rates,” Donegan says. “We’re able to connect with the decision-makers that we’re looking for much, much faster thanks to the quality of the data.” Phone numbers, emails, org charts – Global Shares gets it all at its fingertips automatically. Donegan estimates that each of his SDRs now save more than 30 minutes per day of manual research time, adding back the equivalent productivity of an additional ½ SDR – without the extra cost of hiring.

The macro-level filters and details only available from DiscoverOrg powered the creation of Global Shares’ BDR territories, totally enabling the overhaul and repair of its CRM. “The unique nature of our offerings mean we’re targeting businesses that check very specific boxes,” Donegan says. “Things like employee totals, revenue growth numbers, technology stacks used – now we can search, filter, and save by these parameters and truly identify our targets and territories.” And since DiscoverOrg integrates directly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Donegan and his team saved an estimated 3 months populating and building out their territories with target accounts.

Since partnering with DiscoverOrg, Global Shares has grown its business development team by 5x, fueled by the well-populated territories and streamlined CRM health delivered by DiscoverOrg. All of its SDRs have met their meetings-booked goals each of the past six months, and fully half the team is exceeding that pace.

“We could never have scaled at this rate without DiscoverOrg,” says Donegan. “The sky’s the limit now.”

Now that’s a smart investment, made possible by DiscoverOrg.