The Challenge

IT-ROI needed an effective and efficient solution for reaching decision makers up the line of command in target companies. It needed a tool that would help it refresh the data and provide insight into opportunities as they arise.

The Solution

  • DiscoverOrg Enterprise Dataset
  • DiscoverOrg Mid-Market Dataset
  • DiscoverOrg Government Dataset
  • DiscoverOrg Small to Medium Enterprise Dataset
  • DiscoverOrg IT Org Charts

The Benefits

  • 60-fold return on investment in 9 months

“When it comes to my return on invested dollars with DiscoverOrg, it has to be about sixty times over. These are IT sales we would not have made without DiscoverOrg,”

– Christopher Claunch, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, IT-ROI Solutions

The Customer

IT-ROI,, is a software company and project portfolio management (PPM) integration provider specializing in solutions that dramatically improve customer productivity and streamline business application performance. IT-ROI has extensive experience with enterprise data integrations and migrations and CA Clarity related challenges.

The Challenge

IT-ROI found great success selling its value proposition to the managers of information technology projects. But that is where it stalled; the value proposition was not reaching the decision makers, the people with the checkbook. Without having the contacts at the executive level, sales effectiveness was lower than anticipated since project managers ended up trying to sell the IT-ROI solution up the chain of command. Opportunities were stalled or lost because executive sponsorship was hard to attain.

When the software sales campaign began 9 months ago, the sales force was working from a database that contained about 50% bad contact data. Accounts would have only one contact associated with them and invariably that person had moved on to a different role. Refreshing this information internally could have taken years, during which time IT-ROI would have continued to suffer from poor sales effectiveness because sales reps would waste time and miss potential opportunities.

Additionally, IT-ROI did not have a data intelligence source for new projects or initiatives. With a sales force that is small relative to the market it serves, efficiently getting to the right contact is vital to IT-ROI’s success. The company needed to move from an unsystematic web canvasing approach to spending organized time pursuing real opportunities.

IT-ROI needed access to contact information up the chain of command in its target accounts and to be aware of projects and changes within these organizations. To increase sales effectiveness, it needed to have the ability to approach the sales process armed with solutions relevant to the target company’s current pain points or initiatives.

The Solution

In 2013, IT-ROI selected the Enterprise, Mid-Market, SME and Government datasets from DiscoverOrg. Using the native integration, IT-ROI managed a complete refresh of leads, contacts, relationships and other key contact information in a matter of months.

Because of DiscoverOrg’s integration, IT-ROI sales teams were no longer wasting time with inaccurate and outdated customer data and opportunities. All of the most updated target information, including reporting structures, direct dial and email addresses are available within IT-ROI’s application at the lead, contact or account level with just a click of a button. The company has seen a 60-fold return on investment and dramatically increased its sales effectiveness.

IT Org Charts

IT-ROI maps out customer success by tapping into the DiscoverOrg IT Org Charts. Sales reps identify the key contact they want to reach and corresponding contacts around that person in the org chart. Armed with this information, IT-ROI is starting successful, informed conversations with the influencers and decision makers at target companies.

Using DiscoverOrg for Salesforce 3.0, the newest version of the integration, will allow IT-ROI to access the latest updates in the DiscoverOrg platform – contacts via IT Org Chart and Real-Time trigger updates within the Salesforce Chatter feed.

Business Benefits

  • IT-ROI has achieved a 60X return on its DiscoverOrg investment and attributes this increase in sales directly to information provided by DiscoverOrg.
  • With each sales person covering approximately 5,000 possible targets, DiscoverOrg enables effective and efficient time allocation, increasing sales effectiveness dramatically.
  • DiscoverOrg’s IT Org Charts allow sales teams to utilize a multi-tier outreach strategy to great success. Equipped with accurate reporting structures, the sales teams attract the attention of the appropriate contact flawlessly.
  • DiscoverOrg’s native integration allows sales reps to systematically organize targets and contacts, confident that the information will be correct.
  • DiscoverOrg’s research team has become an extension of the IT-ROI team. Accessing a live person within the DiscoverOrg team, IT-ROI sales people can get a contact added to an account within minutes to hours, without fail.

“I’ve used DiscoverOrg every day at work – sometimes that’s 7 days a week, for the past 9 months straight,” said Christopher Claunch, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, IT-ROI Solutions. “In that whole time I’ve only gotten one incorrect direct dial number.”