“DiscoverOrg has helped ITinvolve engage faster with prospects and given us a big leg up in getting the word out about our innovative application in a crowded market.”

– Matt Selheimer, Vice President of Marketing.

The Customer

ITivolve, www.itinvolve.com, provides IT organizations with the ability to increase business agility while also ensuring operational stability. Through its unique combination of knowledge, analysis and collaboration, ITinvolve helps operations teams and developers collaborate more effectively with each other and with business stakeholders. With ITinvolve, IT has full understanding of the impact of changes before they are made, and can respond more rapidly to business needs.

The Challenge

In its early stages, ITinvolve sought to build an installed base rapidly in order to generate strong proof points and grow. As with any startup, resources were limited, and efforts were primarily focused on acquiring new customers by engaging with often difficult to reach IT executives. Wanting to hit the ground running, ITinvolve had previously subscribed to sales data sources and tried list purchases but they were not getting detailed or current enough information to drive optimal leads. ITinvolve’s sales process requires account executives to have a robust understanding of each account – knowing where people fit, what projects and activities are ongoing, and what installed technologies are in use. The company relied on public information sources, and account managers spent considerable time to gain this insight. Even then they didn’t always have the best information in first-time engagements with a prospect.

In order to achieve its sales goals and shorten sales cycles, ITinvolve developed a comprehensive lead generation system that included tactics such as targeted email marketing, outbound prospecting and executive-level IT events. Success with this model required a deep understanding of prospects’ roles and responsibilities, reporting structures, current initiatives, installed base and key business objectives. Much of this information was not publicly available, making it difficult for account executives to approach a prospect with an informed understanding of the company and its needs.

The Solution

ITInvolve selected DiscoverOrg to improve its prospecting and targeting by gaining rich insight into prospects. Using DiscoverOrg’s Enterprise and Finance datasets enabled ITinvolve to approach prospect organizations with a detailed understanding of each company’s reporting structure, installed technologies and active initiatives.

DiscoverOrg allows ITinvolve to target companies in specific industries, understand each prospect’s organizational and reporting structure and approach the right contact with a solution that addresses their likely needs quickly. The availability of in-depth company profiles gave ITinvolve access to opportunities it would have otherwise missed and saved them valuable selling time.

And for email marketing, ITinvolve relies on DiscoverOrg’s highly accurate database – 98% of contacts have email addresses – to increase the open rate and ROI on its campaigns.

“DiscoverOrg has helped ITinvolve engage faster with prospects and given us a big leg up in getting the word out about our innovative application in a crowded market,” says Matt Selheimer, Vice President of Marketing for ITinvolve. “If you are a startup looking to accelerate how you target specific companies, engage with a customer in a way that demonstrates that you already understand that customer and their roles, then DiscoverOrg is invaluable to being able to do that. What startup company would not want that?”

Saved Searches & Subscriptions

With DiscoverOrg, ITinvolve’s account managers are now able to stay on top of the most current activities of prospect companies by creating Notifications and subscribing to Scoops as part of an aggressive engagement strategy. Red Alerts notify them about target companies’ new initiatives and changes in leadership roles. The Scoops create a spring board for these alerts, providing the most current information on projects, initiatives and leadership changes. This allows account managers to prioritize opportunities with the highest potential of purchase and gives them a valuable competitive advantage when engaging with the accounts.

“DiscoverOrg gives us access to information we would not be able to get from public or other subscriber services,” said Selheimer. “DiscoverOrg increases the likelihood of engagement with a prospect because we approach them in an informed way.”

Salesforce.com Integration

ITInvolve capitalized on other resource-efficient features of the DiscoverOrg platform by using the DiscoverOrg for Salesforce.com 3.0 native application. This integration allows account managers to search and import IT and Finance contacts at their targeted accounts, and cleanse and update existing records both manually and via automated jobs. Both marketing and sales teams canbuild campaigns and refresh them with the latest updated information from DiscoverOrg without any additional steps. This ensures account managers are always working from the most accurate information available without the time-consuming work of updating records. Removing the burden of data cleansing lets ITinvolve sales teams focus fully on their sales process.

Business Benefits

  • DiscoverOrg’s highly accurate system enables ITinvolve to approach prospects in an organized and informed manner that increases their stature and sales success rate.
  • DiscoverOrg’s highly detailed IT Org Charts, along with its Scoops, enable ITinvolve account managers and marketing campaigns to directly engage executive-level decision makers and present them with solution proposals tailored to their most likely needs.
  • DiscoverOrg’s account watch list puts Red Alerts front and center, allowing account managers to strategically contact prospects when changes are occurring, which enables them to contact companies exactly when they are most likely to purchase.
  • With the DiscoverOrg for Salesforce 3.0 integration, ITinvolve can validate email marketing campaign lists with saved queries to increase accuracy and save time – ultimately improving bottom-line business impact.