The Challenge

Neustar’s biggest challenge was finding a way to help its sales team be more efficient in sourcing leads, and more importantly sourcing the right kind of leads.

The Solution

  • DiscoverOrg Enterprise Dataset
  • DiscoverOrg Mid-Market Dataset
  • DiscoverOrg Government and Higher Education Dataset

The Benefits

  • Significant gains in sales team efficiency
  • Greater access to top IT decision makers
  • More buying opportunities per month positively impact the bottom line

“Time is money and our sales reps appreciate a tool like DiscoverOrg thatallows them to optimize that time and gets them the best results,”

– Simon Majak, Program Manager, IT Sales for Neustar

The Company

Neustar, is the first real-time, cloud-based information services and analytics provider enabling clients to effectively promote and protect their businesses. By using unique, authoritative data combined with their clients’ information, Neustar makes data-driven decisions through actionable analytics. They uncover insights for their clients, thus making complex problem-solving easy for marketers, IT and operations professionals.

Neustar offers a suite of complete marketing workflow solutions that drive results across the customer lifecycle, allowing you to plan campaigns, target and engage with prospects and customers and measure campaign effectiveness. Neustar also offers a suite of solutions that deliver performance, reliability and security enabling clients to protect their online assets.

The Challenge of Sourcing the ‘Right’ IT Sales Leads

Neustar’s biggest challenge was finding a way to help its sales team be more efficient in sourcing IT sales leads, and more importantly sourcing the right kind of leads. The sales team was spending far too much time chasing down inaccurate leads, and not enough time closing sales generated from the right opportunities.

The Solution

Neustar purchased DiscoverOrg’s Enterprise, Mid-Market and Government and Education datasets. This instantly gave the Neustar sales team access to thousands of targeted leads that they were previously spending countless hours researching and sourcing online. “Our sales team would search various social media sites to find an account or a contact,” saidSimon Majak, Program Manager for Neustar’s IT Sales Operations. “Now with DiscoverOrg, it’s right in front of their faces.”

“Obviously we see value in going after the big fish but there are going to be other fish in the pond,” Simon added. “The Mid-Market and Government and Education datasets were a welcomed addition. Now with these added resources we have more tools in the tackle box. If we’re going to be successful, we need to give our salespeople the best tools available.”

With DiscoverOrg’s highly accurate IT database featuring 95% direct-dial accuracy and 98% confirmed emails, which is completely refreshed every 90 days, the Neustar sales team was armed with the kind of actionable data it needed to aggressively and efficienctly pursue the right IT decision makers with the right message at the right time. “Going through the prospecting activities is a time-consuming activity,” Majak said. “DiscoverOrg really shortens that sales cycle by getting the sales team connected directly to those with purchase authority.”

Pursuing sales leads in the information technology industry can be challenging and require sales executives to be quick on their feet and ready for the unexpected. With IT departments growing, expanding, and restructuring on a daily basis, Neustar reps know they have to be available to them at a moment’s notice.

“DiscoverOrg’s Live Chat feature is one of the main reasons we chose them,” said Majak. “It allows our sales reps to immediately contact the DiscoverOrg folks with any questions on a new account or to request additional information on existing accounts, which is a huge value for our sales team. And I’ve had nothing but positive feedback about the interactions between our reps and the DiscoverOrg staff.”

The Benefits

  • The IT sales team gained direct access to top IT executivesmakingpurchasing decisions – no more jumping through hoops and struggling to get past gatekeepers.
  • Prospecting became hyper-efficient as reps now had highly accurate IT intelligence on prospects
  • This allowed the sales team to cycle through more IT buying opportunities on a monthly basis, providing a direct impact on the company’s bottom line.

“Time is money and our sales reps appreciate a tool like DiscoverOrg that allows them to optimize that time and get the best results,” Majak said.

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