Security First needed better-targeted data with more granular filters and parameters to boost its prospecting productivity & support territory assignments.

“With DiscoverOrg, I can mathematically carve territories fairly, giving every regional rep an equal chance to succeed. This helps us keep our best reps in place and our sales team working in harmony.”

-Marc Nicholls, Director of Sales Operations

The Customer

Security First, a Rancho Santa Margarita-based cybersecurity firm, is improving enterprise-level data security for clients around the globe by providing access control, encryption, and recovery for the entire lifecycle of their data, not just when stored on their network. Security First was named to CRN’s 2018 Security 100 List.

The Challenge

With very specific parameters defining its ideal customer profile, Security First was drowning in a sea of useless contact information about companies it had no interest in targeting.

They wanted to streamline their prospecting research activities while also gaining insight. Additionally, Security First wanted to find ways to more equitably divide its territories among its sales reps.

Needing a partner that takes data as seriously as it does, Security First turned to DiscoverOrg.

The Solution

Security First needed accurate, up-to-date, highly granular data only about businesses in industries its cybersecurity solution is designed to serve, so DiscoverOrg provided its North American IT Enterprise Dataset, opening the door for Security First to the world’s most reliable, detailed, and accurate prospect data in existence, along with Scoops and OppAlerts to automatically notify Security First of new opportunities based on dozens of customizable triggers.

“We love the flexibility of DiscoverOrg,” says Marc Nicholls, Director of Sales Operations at Security First. “We buy only the records we need. We focus on IT departments, so we don’t need to wade through the noise of thousands of irrelevant organizational employees. That saves time and money. DiscoverOrg’s solutions are very cost efficient.” Nicholls reports that DiscoverOrg’s Federal Government data is “nearly one hundred percent spot-on,” and is “an absolute gold mine” to his team. “This is a major market for us, and we simply cannot source a better data provider than DiscoverOrg.”

OppAlerts make sure Nicholls and his team never miss an opportunity. “They’re a game-changer. We went from trolling for fish in the ocean to shooting fish in a barrel,” Nicholls says. “Everyone in that barrel is interested in search terms related to our offerings. We booked six meetings in the first two weeks.” OppAlerts are also powering Security First’s partner ecosystem. “We can now show our partners local, immediate, existing demand and make them aware of real opportunities. It’s a serious attention-getter when recruiting new reseller partners to take our products to the market,” Nicholls explains.

With DiscoverOrg’s territory management tools, Security First’s sales teams are performing better and feeling better supported than ever before. Nicholls and his teams are able to completely bypass low opportunity states and create territories based upon cities where similar players in the same industry are located. “Our strategic opportunity identification and account planning was a 4-week exercise before. Now it takes hours,” Nicholls says. “Not to mention the enormous travel cost savings of being able to bunch our client visits together in each city.”

The hard-working reps on the Security First sales teams appreciate the new territories DiscoverOrg has allowed him to create, too. “With DiscoverOrg, I can mathematically carve territories fairly, giving every regional rep an equal chance to succeed. This reduces churn, helping us keep our best reps in place and our sales team working in harmony,” he says.

Today, each of Security First’s sales reps save two hours daily allocated to account research thanks to DiscoverOrg, an efficiency boost that Nicholls calls a “significant multiplier” in his quest for increased sales productivity.  “We are always looking for ways to squeeze in additional prospecting calls.  Combined with the effectiveness of being armed with a thorough knowledge of the target of those calls, our productivity is growing.” OppAlerts is currently delivering leads at a cost per acquisition (CPA) of just $1.24/lead. And Nicholls’ team is happier than they’ve ever been.

That’s the value of good data. Delivered only by DiscoverOrg.