The Customer

SNI Technology,, is a division of SNI Companies, and is one of the fastest growing recruitment and staffing companies in the U.S. With revenues in excess of $100 million, SNI Companies ranks among the top 100 staffing companies in the U.S.

Founded in 1998 and based in Des Moines, Iowa SNI Companies has offices in the Midwest, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast. SNI Technology’s commitment to professionalism is unparalleled and their reputation is based on matching qualified candidates with ideal jobs and employers.

The Challenge – Making Meaningful Connections with Limited Information and Visibility Into IT Departments Infrastructure

SNI Technology’s reputation in technical staffing placement is built upon their commitment in getting to know each professional’s unique talents and career goals; thereby, allowing them to better match each professional with a company whose distinct culture and skill requirements ensure that both employee and client are satisfied.

In order to make genuine and meaningful connections with companies – their prospects – SNI Technology needed to understand a company’s IT department’s infrastructure and hierarchy, and who the CIOs, CTOs, and top IT decision makers were. Pete Langlois, Vice President and Head of the Technology Division at SNI, explained, “We’re trying to have meaningful dialogue with our prospects and in order to do that we were doing hours and hours of research before picking up the phone.” Langlois’ team would spend weeks – months sometimes –researching and sourcing resumes, job boards, and networking sites, in an attempt to piece together what technologies a company was using so they could find a way to initiate a meaningful conversation with their prospects.

Another challenge SNI faced was timing – making the right connections, with the right message, at the right time. With IT unemployment rates virtually at zero, any type of movement within the IT department presented rare opportunities SNI couldn’t afford to miss out on. However, without access to timely and relevant IT intelligence updates, Langlois’ team didn’t have a reliable method to stay informed of real time trigger events – which meant timely opportunities lost.

The Solution

SNI Technology purchased DiscoverOrg’s Mid-Market dataset, which covers the IT departments of 4,400 companies. Langlois’ team got IT Org Charts for all 4,400 companies profiled within the dataset. The charts gave them an unprecedented birds eye view of the IT department’s organizational and reporting structure, where every CIO, CTO, and IT manager sat within the department, and a granular look at the IT infrastructure and the technologies deployed by the company. The innumerable hours previously spent researching and sourcing this critical information by Langlois’ team, was now available to them at the click of a button.

When there was an organizational change within a prospect’s IT department, or there was a discovery of a new upcoming project, DiscoverOrg’s Scoops would give this information directly to Langlois’ team. This was actionable intelligence they were previously missing before using DiscoverOrg. Now they could engage their prospects in meaningful and more importantly timely conversations. “We’re jumping all over these updates. As soon as we see them we jump on the phone and congratulate them. It’s a great way to start building a partnership,” said Langlois.

All of DiscoverOrg’s datasets boast an incredibly accurate 95% direct dials, more than 98% confirmed emails, and the data is guaranteed to be verified at minimum once every 90 days. “With DiscoverOrg, we now have a One-Stop Shop with a listing of all the technologies a company uses, who is responsible for those technologies, and an Org Chart with Direct Dial Phone numbers to boot. Armed with this information, we can really construct a meaningful and targeted message to these people in a fraction of the time it used to take us.”

In the event Langlois’ team had a contact without a number, DiscoverOrg’s team of 85 research analysts were always available for its clients. “I can’t tell you how many times we’ll find a contact that we need a direct dial phone number for and we’d contact one of DiscoverOrg’s researchers, and BOOM – in less than an hour they’d have an update for us. The responsiveness of the DiscoverOrg team is incredible,” said Langlois.

Not to be overlooked, SNI’s recruiting department would initially use DiscoverOrg’s data in peripheral manner. However, SNI quickly realized the breadth of data DiscoverOrg made available to them gave them access to IT talent that otherwise would not be found on any traditional job board or networking site. With an IT market devoid of qualified candidates, the pressure was on the recruiters to find talent; and with DiscoverOrg they now had access to passive candidates would otherwise never have known about. “These are people we don’t see anywhere, but here they are in DiscoverOrg with an active email address and direct dial phone number – and these contacts are not weather beaten or tired, we’re getting amazing response rates from our campaigns,” said Langlois.

The Results

Using DiscoverOrg’s Datasets and IT Org Charts, SNI Technology saw results that were undeniable. “We’ve had DiscoverOrg for only 2 months and in that short period of time it’s more than paid for itself with a 15x ROI.” And about the unexpected benefit for SNI’s recruiting department, Langlois explains, “DiscoverOrg has proven to be the most valuable prospecting and recruiting tool our company has invested in – it by far surpasses anything on the market. Sure we were hopeful that DiscoverOrg was going to be a homerun for us on the Business Development side of the house, but the results we saw on the recruiting side were both unexpected and exciting.”

A Customer For Life

“DiscoverOrg is an amazing tool and a truly innovative service – a great bang for my buck. There are others out there, but yours far surpasses them all – you beat the market! Please let me know what DiscoverOrg does next – I’m a buyer for life.”

– Pete Langlois, Vice President, SNI Technology