The Real Cost of Bad Data [VIDEO]

In this video, Katie Bullard will discuss how many sales organizations waste time and money through ineffective lead generation and list buying.
December 10, 2019
Business Contact Data
2 min read

7-Step DIY Data Segmentation for Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) always seems like a great idea … until you get into the nitty gritty. When confronted with the details – database management, segmentation, and content creation –...
August 12, 2019
Account-Based Marketing
8 min read

The Ideal Customer Profile: Why is “Fit Data” so Important?

All organizations, even global brands, are limited in some way: by size of their sales and marketing teams, by budget – and, of course, by the finite number of hours...
July 25, 2019
Business Contact Data
6 min read

How Data Proliferation Enables Growth and Disruption

Historically, business relationships revolved more around golf-course deals and long-standing relationships: Good for incumbents, bad for newcomers. That’s changing.
July 16, 2019
Business Contact Data
4 min read

How to use Intent Data (Without Creeping Out Your Prospect)

“Hello, Kathy. It sounds like you’re struggling with email deliverability …” Stop. Put the phone down. How would you feel if your phone rang and the stranger at the other end said, “I know where you live, your dog’s name ... and what you’re doing right now. Should you be giving Fido more treats? He could lose a couple of pounds.”
June 26, 2019
Business Contact Data
6 min read

7 Ways to Recruit Great Passive Candidates (You Haven't Tried Yet)

Once you’ve gotten a candidate on the phone, ask questions about the their career goals and interests. Be honest in what you have to offer. If it’s not a fit now, that’s okay. That’s what these early conversations are meant for. Inquire about their satisfaction with their current job. Ask what’s missing. Ask what would it take for them to consider new opportunities?
June 6, 2019
Business Contact Data
9 min read

Direct-Dials: More than Meets the Eye

Access to direct contact information can have a powerful impact on your sales team. DiscoverOrg Head of Sales Enablement David Sill learned this lesson early in his career and shares in this whiteboard session how direct-dials can save time, discourage call reluctance, and motivate your sales team.
May 1, 2019
Business Contact Data
5 min read

Dirty Data: Spring Cleaning Data is for Suckers!

Ah, spring: The season that awakens the desire to clean and organize … in other words, to do your spring cleaning. Why do we have “spring cleaning” and not “fall...
April 9, 2019
Business Contact Data
4 min read

Cat Meme Queen Strikes Again: Bad CRM Data Quality is Even Worse Than You Think

Cat Meme Queen, CEO at That’s a potential title and email domain that could be entered into your web form fill to get that ebook or whitepaper you promised. THEY get...
February 26, 2019
Business Contact Data
6 min read
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