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Account Based Marketing

A Practical Playbook for Account Based Marketing

Looking to give your sales a boost? DiscoverOrg teamed up with ListenLoop to develop this special playbook for success with account-based marketing.

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Cold Calling DiscoverOrg

How Can You Prevent Cold Calling Objections?

Guest blog from Vorsight’s Steve Richard The answer to that question is simple: Don’t be a sales person during a cold call. The only goal for a cold call is to get a meeting. So instead of selling, at this point your main objective is proving the value of continuing the conversation. Let’s first look at

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Prospecting Email DiscoverOrg

5 Tools That You Should Be Using to be Top Dog

Everyone wants their organization to be at the top of their field – but getting there (and staying there) are not easy to accomplish. When your organization is striving to rise to the top, you might look around and find yourself wondering “what are those guys doing that I am not?” You have made investments

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G2 Crowd Sales Intelligence DiscoverOrg

Nailing Our Spot at the Top of the Sales Tools- DiscoverOrg Ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction

This week DiscoverOrg wants to reach out and extend a HUGE thank you to our loyal customers and everyone who has been a part of our continuous growth year after year. We are overwhelmed by the response of our customers, and are excited to announce that we have been ranked #1 in customer satisfaction for

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Moneyball For Sales DiscoverOrg

Moneyball For Sales

By Nancy Nardin Major league baseball season is off with a crack of the bat and people are gathering with lawn chairs to observe spring training for the minor leagues. This is the time when team managers will get their first glimpse into how well their newly recruited players will fair. Perhaps it’s a good

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NexTech Sales DiscoverOrg

Turn Right! How the Right Sales Tools Can Help You Navigate a Change in Direction

When a company makes any significant change in direction – a new strategy, a new product or a new target segment – they face the certainty of disruption. But when it is your sales team making the turn –even if they are headed for a more profitable segment- good execution supported by the right sales

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ForeScout Sales Effectiveness DiscoverOrg

3 Ways to Crack Into Triple Sales Force Effectiveness

Leveraging a small team for effective and aggressive growth requires cracking into some key elements to maximize effectiveness. The more ways you can empower them, the more successful they will be. So what does a small sales team need to perform large feats of success? Get Through the Outer Shell With a Data Intelligence Solution

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ITInvolve Sales DiscoverOrg

3 Tactics to Shave Months (or Years) off Your IT Sales Cycle

You know that feeling you have when you are walking into a company you’ve been doing business with for years? You stand in their lobby, waiting for your contacts to be called down and you are confident because you know these guys – you know their technology landscape, what they need, you know who is

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CRM Data DiscoverOrg

Your CRM is an Empty Box – Fill it With Good Data

Every day my sales team is talking to companies that have a need for good data. Usually without realizing how strong of a need they actually have. As purveyors of IT intelligence, it is our job to help companies realize the value of good data. However, the one thing continues to amaze me is that

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iTROI DiscoverOrg

Good Data Makes The World Go ‘Round’

Approaching new prospects without accurate contact data can be time consuming, frustrating and wasteful. One thing we all know about sales is that the old adage, ‘time is money’ really is no joke. Outbound calls can be unproductive for many reasons – you are not calling the right person, you don’t have the right number,

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