Trade shows are an exciting opportunity for sales professionals to develop relationships with prospects and show off the latest products and services. The audience is pre-qualified and actively researching solutions that your business aims to solve. Yet through all the excitement, how do you make meaningful sales connections? Well, at DiscoverOrg, we believe we have trade show prospecting down to a science. Our reps attend about 30 events per year, most of which lead to scores of hot leads.

Curious how? We’ll share. Read on to get tactical tips on developing an effective prospecting strategy that maximizes your rep’ time and sees positive ROI.

Top Trade Show Lead Generation Articles

The Ultimate Trade Show Toolkit
We’ve got the ultimate collection to get the most of your trade show – with step-by-step instructions, plus creative tips and follow-up techniques.
How to Find Leads at Events (Without Blowing Your Budget)
Events are expensive, even if you’re not a sponsor. But they’re still one of the best ways to get your product in front of a crowd of likely prospects.
Pre-Show: 4 Steps to Maximize Trade Show Lead Generation
Planning for a trade show can be a real puzzle. But when you get it all put together, it can be worth the big effort.

How to Use Data Intelligence for Event Lead Generation

Suppose there’s a sales development conference in San Francisco. I’ll look at the event roster and at social media to see who else will be there - plus companies who have a nearby office but aren’t going to the conference. Next, I identify which of those are a good fit for my solution.
November 5, 2019
Lead Generation
4 min read

How to Find Event Leads (Without Blowing Your Budget)

Events are expensive, even if you’re not a sponsor. But they’re still one of the best ways to get your product in front of a crowd of likely prospects: a captive audience already interested in a subject related to your product.
August 7, 2019
Outbound Sales
8 min read

Trade Show Logistics 101: The Show Book

Trade shows are one of the fastest ways to generate great leads. They’re also crammed with thousands of 20-somethings who have flown across the country to exotic locations, armed with...
June 5, 2019
Outbound Sales
6 min read

Generating Trade Show Leads: The A-Z Guide for 2019

The average marketing department spends a LOT of money on trade shows and events – to the tune of 32% оf their entire budget. Even so, trade-show events are still...
April 23, 2019
Lead Generation
9 min read

Swag for Days: 13 Don’t-Miss Dreamforce Events 2018

Meet Salesforce’s own inside sales team, and see how they use … Salesforce. Hey, they single-handedly created the Burning Man of sales events, so it’s fair to say they’ve seen results. DO NOT miss this Dreamforce session!
September 17, 2018
Marketing Strategies
6 min read

Collecting Leads at Trade Shows: The Ultimate Collection

A handful of business cards doesn't cut it. To see strong ROI from trade show events, sales reps must align with Marketing well in advance - and create a plan of attack. Check out our Ultimate Trade Show Prospecting Toolkit for the step-by-step techniques that our reps use to get 30-100 warm & hot leads from every event we walk.
February 22, 2018
Lead Generation
5 min read

3 Reasons for Low ROI from a Trade Show (with ways to improve)

Understand the 3 reasons for low ROI from a trade show and how to overcome them by taking steps before, during, and after the show.
August 17, 2016
Marketing Strategies
4 min read

Get the Most Out of Trade Shows with Pre & Post Show Prospecting Strategies

Trade show season is here. What can you do to maximize both the time spent and your ROI to avoid these becoming a cost center?
May 6, 2016
Lead Generation
< 1 min read

8 Steps to Successful Post-Trade Show Follow-Up

You’ve just arrived home from a week of trade show exhibiting. You are tired, your head and feet still ache, and you are behind on all of your normal tasks. Hang on! It is not yet time to soak your feet or catch up with your team. Collecting leads at the show is only one piece of the prospecting puzzle. You can’t take a rest until your plan for following up with trade show leads is put into motion.
April 30, 2015
Lead Generation
4 min read