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Get tactical tips to help you develop an effective trade show prospecting strategy.

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Get the Most Out of Trade Shows with Pre & Post Show Prospecting Strategies

Trade show season is here. What can you do to maximize both the time spent and your ROI to avoid these becoming a cost center?

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8 Steps to Successful Post-Trade Show Prospecting

You’ve just arrived home from a week of trade show exhibiting. You are tired, your head and feet still ache, and you are behind on all of your normal tasks. Hang on! It is not yet time to soak your feet or catch up with your team. Collecting leads at the show is only one

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How to Leverage IT Industry News at Trade Shows

It is trade show season! Your booth is set up, your demos and collateral are all ready and you’re raring for the show to start. You’re likely to be meeting hundreds of people each day of the show – some prospects, some customers, and some folks who are just looking for a toy to bring

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11 Ways to Leverage Your DiscoverOrg Toolset for Rapid Trade Show ROI

Next week is’s big tradeshow Dreamforce. Attending a large show like this offers a ton of opportunities to see new technology, see some old colleagues and enjoy some super entertainment (Bruno Mars!). If you are one of the 135,000 people headed to Dreamforce next week, I would like to offer you a plan for

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Keys to Tradeshow ROI: 10 Strategies to Maximize Your Return

Participating in tradeshows requires that you make a significant investment, so the temptation to cut corners is everywhere. But before you succumb to the temptation of creating “one-size” says it all booth graphics or investing in 10,000 squeezie toys emblazoned with your company’s logo, here are some tips to maximize your tradeshow ROI without compromising

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Jill Konrath Sales DiscoverOrg

Selling at Trade Shows: A Lesson from a Hot Shot High Tech Company

This post originally appeared on Jill Konrath’s website and is republished here with permission.  Last year I spoke at Dreamforce with my client (If you sell into the IT area, check them out). Over 130,000 customers, developers and partners were there. After our talk, I went to DiscoverOrg’s booth for a book signing. The exhibit hall was a zoo.

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Sales Strategies for Maximizing Your Tradeshow ROI

Tradeshows can be exciting events – a lot of people, a lot of entertainment, a lot of exposure, a lot of parties. They can also cost a lot of money for little return if you choose to focus solely on what happens on the show floor. So often, exhibitors miss the tremendous potential in these events by focusing on how big and flashy their booth looks and what giveaway will lure in the largest number of people. However, if you focus your sales strategy on what happens before and after the show just as much (or more) than what happens at the show, tradeshows can bring your organization invaluable face-to-face meetings with targeted prospects – resulting in larger returns and shorter sales cycles.

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