The number of C-level executives and positions is growing. So is the amount of stakeholder buy-in needed for every purchasing decision. Sales and marketing teams must navigate the organization, strategically engaging relevant department heads to gain traction and fast track their way to closed-won revenue. But how?

Enter DiscoverOrg. We do the hard part — mapping organizational hierarchies, verifying contact information, and uncovering intent data — so you reach decision makers. All of them — with a relevant message, at the right time. Breaking into the executive inner circle has never been so easy.

Go deeper. Get smarter.
Win more.

With DiscoverOrg, you’re getting more than a static list of C-level executives. You’re getting a 360-degree view of top-level decision makers: their responsibilities, their problems, and the best opportunities to reach out and win. And it’s 95% accurate — guaranteed.


Your all-access pass to target accounts gives you the inside scoop on upcoming projects, leadership changes, mergers and acquisitions, and more. DiscoverOrg’s deep intel lets you beat the competition to the door with insight into executive leaders’ priorities and pain points based on predictive buying signals and online activity.


With stakes this high, even a single point of failure is not an option. DiscoverOrg’s detailed C-level org charts allow you to find and loop in all relevant stakeholders early in the sales cycle. Gain cross-functional buy-in with the context you need — like job responsibilities and technology installed — to nail the pitch.


DiscoverOrg profiles titles like President, Founder, Executive VP… and anything with a “Chief” in it. We also reveal a detailed breakdown of their roles and responsibilities — especially helpful for unintuitive titles like “Chief People Officer” and “Chief Experience Officer.”


We have the latest data on the CxO teams of top companies across 60+ industries. Get the scoop on C-suite executives with the highest profiles, the lowest profiles, and every Chief People Officer in between.