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Transforming Your Discovery, Engagement and Talent Acquisition Strategies in 2019

DiscoverOrg, the leading B2B intelligence provider, is transforming the way organizations discover, engage and acquire target buyers and hires by significantly expanding the number and type of data points delivered through its platform. New data points include visual parent-subsidiary relationships; mobile numbers and personal email addresses; in-depth work and education profiles; and investor and funding insights.

Gender Diversity in Sales Organizations: A Wide Gap

The depth of our sales team data enables us to analyze gender diversity statistics across a variety of attributes, and the results highlight the significant gap - and opportunity - that exists for women in the sales industry.

DiscoverOrg HR

Developed to address the growing competitiveness in the trillion dollar global HR marketplace, the HR Dataset provides a leg up on your competition at a time when it is increasingly difficult to differentiate yourself. HR has become one of the most highly demanded datasets from our customers who are already realizing the benefits of our IT, Sales, Marketing and Finance Datasets.

Recruiting and the Importance of Good Data

Passive recruiting is on the rise as the data shows they make up 75% of the people you want to hire. Where will you get the right contact data?

Gender Diversity Report

Ever wondered what the breakdown is of men to women in C-Level roles? Of the 12 most common CXO roles, women represent more than 50% of the hires in only ONE function: Human Resources.

Embracing the Purple Squirrel: A Power Move in Recruiting

What is this mysterious creature and how can corporate recruiters & staffing firms use finding and placing these candidates to their advantage?

DiscoverOrg TEDD

The TEDD (Technology, Engineering, Design, & Development) dataset is a brand new, untapped market that's never been profiled deeply by ANY data provider, DiscoverOrg included, until now.

Staffing Tool Kit

From building a successful staffing/recruiting strategy to getting you on the approved vendor list - DiscoverOrg has got you covered.

Expanding Into New Geographic Markets: Unique Considerations for Staffing Firms

What are the best geographic markets for IT staffing firms to consider expanding into?