Help Fight Data Theft

Fight Data Piracy and Protect Your Investment

When people steal our information and use it without paying for it, it hurts us, it hurts our employees, and most importantly IT HURTS YOU, OUR CUSTOMER. Data thieves are not just stealing data, they are stealing opportunities that you have invested in.

Think about it this way: DiscoverOrg employs hundreds of people around the clock to deliver the highest quality information. But if everyone tried to steal data and nobody paid for it, we wouldn’t exist (as great as they are, our employees won’t work for free). So, DATA THIEVES ARE COUNTING ON YOU TO PAY, so that the data will be available for them to steal. That just isn’t right.

And that’s why stealing proprietary information is illegal. A person who steals, or assists another in stealing, can be liable to DiscoverOrg for damages, including DiscoverOrg’s attorney fees, and can be subject to fines or imprisonment if prosecuted under certain criminal statutes. You may know someone who thinks using data without a license is not a big deal. They are wrong. It is a big deal, and it can have serious consequences.

As a customer, you can help us fight piracy. That means, unless specifically agreed to or consented to by DiscoverOrg, you MAY NOT:

  1. Share your DiscoverOrg login credentials
  2. Share information downloaded from DiscoverOrg
  3. Develop a means of accessing DiscoverOrg’s platform by anyone who is not a licensed user
  4. Use DiscoverOrg data for any company that is not a DiscoverOrg customer
  5. Use DiscoverOrg data in any commercial product or service
  6. Continue to use DiscoverOrg data after your license is terminated or expires

If you are not a current DiscoverOrg customer with a valid license, you MAY NOT:

  1. Log in to DiscoverOrg’s platform
  2. Ask a DiscoverOrg authorized user to provide login credentials or other means of accessing DiscoverOrg’s platform
  3. Request or knowingly receive DiscoverOrg data from anyone
  4. Use DiscoverOrg data for any purpose
  5. Knowingly allow another person to use DiscoverOrg data for your commercial benefit

Violating these restrictions can constitute one or more of the following: copyright infringement, misappropriation, violation of the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, unjust enrichment, breach of contract, and other torts and/or crimes.


If you learn about theft or unauthorized use of DiscoverOrg data, please let us know. If DiscoverOrg is able to obtain a successful recovery of payment from a data pirate of more than $20,000 based on information you provide, we will pay you 15% of the amount so recovered (maximum of $15,000), subject to the Piracy Tip Rewards Program Terms and Conditions.

By contacting us with piracy-related information as specified below, you agree to be bound by the Piracy Tip Rewards Program Terms and Conditions.

To report piracy, you may:

We will not disclose your identity except in response to valid, compulsory legal process, in response to a valid discovery request, or to DiscoverOrg’s professional advisors. You may also make your report anonymously, but this may limit our ability to pay a reward.