Our Platform

DiscoverOrg offers world-class sales intelligence tools that enable sales, marketing, and staffing professionals to identify the right prospects, establish context for the right message, and make contact at the right time.

The DiscoverOrg Platform

By combining highly accurate contact data, up-to-date organizational hierarchies, and trigger events, the platform provides valuable information on emerging opportunities. Empowered with detailed insights, users can reach out to decision makers with relevant and timely messages.

Key dimensions of the DiscoverOrg platform include:

discoverorg platform featuresFeatures – DiscoverOrg is a robust and feature-rich platform that gives sales and marketing teams an instant advantage over the competition.

Datasetsdiscoverorg datasets – Our platform includes consistently updated and verified datasets of Technical, Sales & Marketing, Finance, and HR decision makers in some of the world’s largest and fastest growing companies.

Integrationsdiscoverorg crm and marketing integration – Integrations with popular CRM and marketing applications such as Salesforce and Marketo extend the value of legacy solutions.

OppAlertsdiscoverorg opportunity alerts – Real-time insights and alerts leverage the online consumption activities of decision makers who are in the market for specific products and services. 

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