Unleash the Power of Your Data: Get DiscoverOrg Certified

DiscoverOrg: The fuel for your growth.

Great data drives growth. For DiscoverOrg Certified professionals, that means an in-demand skill set that drives bigger deals and more revenue.

Give yourself and your team a competitive edge with advanced sales, marketing, and recruiting competency with a role-based DiscoverOrg Certificate from DiscoverOrg University, recognized as one of the nation’s top training programs.

The program teaches both the art and science of advanced sales, marketing, and recruiting. Certification includes best practices for hot topics like Account-Based Marketing, cold calling, storytelling, sales and marketing alignment, email marketing, and effectively sourcing passive candidates.classroom learning

What’s the benefit for me?

Demand is growing for DiscoverOrg experts.

Certified DiscoverOrg users set 4 times more meetings, see 30% higher email open rates, and generate 20% more qualified leads for their organizations.

  • Get quick ROI from your DiscoverOrg investment with higher lead volume and quality
  • Learn how to use the platform in the context of your specific role
  • Learn practical sales and marketing skills today – and apply them today
  • Demonstrate proficiency as a certified expert in an advanced tech stack tool
  • Get an official Certification badge for your LinkedIn profile

Choose a track to get DiscoverOrg Certified:

  • DiscoverOrg for Sales

See higher conversion rates, more demos, more opportunities, and larger deal sizes. DiscoverOrg Sales Certification teaches high-value skills like creating a value proposition, speaking with conviction, storytelling, message mapping. Sales Certification also includes DiscoverOrg features like DealPredict, leveraging org charts, and Scoops and OppAlerts.

Get DiscoverOrg Sales Certified here.

  1. DiscoverOrg for Marketing

Increase your lead volume and improve lead quality by prioritizing the right prospects at the right time. DiscoverOrg Marketing Certification teaches skills like realizing ROI from account-based marketing programs, increasing lead volume, building campaigns, creating segmented messaging, and maintaining database health. Marketing Certification also covers DiscoverOrg features like AccountView, webhooks, connectors and integrations, and Append & Clean.

Get DiscoverOrg Marketing Certified here.

  1. DiscoverOrg for Recruiting

Learn how to find the right candidate at the right time with Applicant Tracking System integrations. DiscoverOrg Recruiting Certification teaches passive recruiting, candidate sourcing, and social engagement and persistence. Recruiting Certification also covers DiscoverOrg features like org charts, Scoops, OppAlerts, using the Google Chrome extension, and Advanced Search.

Get DiscoverOrg Recruiting Certified here.

  1. DiscoverOrg for Operations (Coming Q3’18)


How do I get DiscoverOrg Certified?

Certification and testing take 3-5 hours. Applicants must get at least 80% on the test to receive a certificate and badge.

Certification is available on-demand through our platform to DiscoverOrg subscribers. Users can also get certified at live, in-person training events.


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© 2018 DiscoverOrg, All Rights Reserved