Ram Chandrashekar -Executive Vice President, Operational Excellence and IT and President, Asia Pacific Middle East

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Jonas Prising -Chairman & CEO – ManpowerGroup

In February 2014, Ram Chandrashekar was promoted to Executive Vice President of Operational Excellence and IT and President of Asia Pacific Middle East region. In this role, Chandrashekar is charged with driving operational excellence around the world, leading the global IT evolution and growing the Asia Pacific Middle East region.

Chandrashekar was promoted to Senior Vice President of Operational Excellence and IT in November 2012. He has implemented a rigorous metric-oriented framework to drive operational excellence and worked with operations worldwide to improve performance globally. Chandrashekar continues to lead the global IT transformation to implement technologies that will help the company serve clients and candidates better and faster, and drive more value from the organization’s global IT assets.

Ram’s IT team has been working on the following initiatives this year:

  • Evaluating solutions to support initiatives focused on a content management system (CMS) worth up to $250,000.
  • Plans to invest up to a combined $500,000 and will begin evaluating solutions including Google Adwords in about 3 to 6 months to support projects related to digital advertising software and search engine marketing (SEM) efforts.
  • Initiatives related to marketing automation and is evaluating Salesforce solutions to support these efforts.
  • Projects focused on social media management software and is currently evaluating solutions such as Hootsuite to support these initiatives.
  • Plans to evaluate solutions to remediate issues related to a consistent, multi-channel customer experience.

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