Cut out hours of research by surfacing direct dials and other contact data simply by browsing the web. The DiscoverOrg extension for Google Chrome amps up the work you’re already doing by supplementing social media posts, company pages (including LinkedIn), and other content with dynamic data from DiscoverOrg.

Instantly See Full Company Profiles and Org Charts

Stop hunting through directories. As soon as you visit a company site profiled by DiscoverOrg, you’ll get an instant breakdown of relevant decision makers, the technology they’re using, and predictive intelligence that makes it easy to identify your ideal leads.

Go Straight from Social Media to Direct Dials

Finding prospects on Twitter or LinkedIn? Now you have immediate access to their direct dials and verified email addresses. DiscoverOrg for Google Chrome automatically identifies matches and delivers complete professional profiles, verified every 90 days by the DiscoverOrg Squad. That means you can drop the mouse, pick up the phone, and make your pitch immediately.

Populate CRM & MAT Straight from Chrome

With DiscoverOrg for Google Chrome, the busywork ends once you’ve found your ideal company or decision maker. Just click our extension toolbar, and we’ll automatically add new contacts, leads, and accounts into your linked sales or marketing platforms. You can even add leads to specific sequences in sales development tools all without leaving Chrome.

Go Custom and Get More Out of Your Workflow

Boost your preferred method for finding leads. DiscoverOrg for Google Chrome is completely configurable, allowing you to decide what profiles to match, what data to pull in, and where you want search results to upload. From there, you’re all set to stop looking and start winning.