You’re already rocking your sales workflow. Keep the momentum going with DiscoverOrg. We’ve brought advanced tools and intelligence into the platform where you already work: Bullhorn. Search and segment DiscoverOrg data without ever leaving Bullhorn.


Get verified contacts, companies, org charts, and more, with integrated tabs. And fast-track your way to decision makers with the confidence that comes from deeper, dynamic, and accurate prospect data.

all your discoverorg data, directly in bullhorn

With accurate and actionable data in Bullhorn, you’ll spend less time researching and more time closing. Find every profile from DiscoverOrg viewable directly in Bullhorn, along with the contact data and predictive intelligence you need to make the sale.

data doesn’t get fresher than this

Forget about manually comparing and scrubbing lists. The DiscoverOrg CRM Application – Bullhorn Edition automatically synchronizes contacts and leads. Search and segment your ideal targets and watch conversion rates soar.

you’re in control with custom configuration

Stop sweating deletions. DiscoverOrg never overwrites information without your permission. Choose to update only blank values at the field and object level, or create your own custom configuration for mapping DiscoverOrg data into Bullhorn.


And when we find duplicates or bad emails, we let you know so you can decide what to remove or merge. DiscoverOrg keeps your records clean so you can focus on selling smarter.