Discoverorg CONNECTOR – sugarcrm edition

Get to decision makers faster with DiscoverOrg Connector – SugarCRM Edition. Let data drive your outreach and prioritize your day by pulling in the most accurate, robust lB2B intelligence available right into SugarCRM. This powerful connector eliminates data entry — giving you more time to sell and market effectively using fresher, deeper data from DiscoverOrg.

add and update entries — including bulk uploads

Upload results individually or in bulk, directly into your SugarCRM account, then pick up the phone. That’s it. You’re ready to rock with verified, dynamic data.

you’re in control with custom configuration

Stop sweating deletions. DiscoverOrg never overwrites information without your permission. Choose to update only blank, values at the field and object level, or create your own custom configuration for mapping DiscoverOrg data into SugarCRM.