Verified email addresses, direct-dial phone numbers, detailed job responsibilities, tech stacks, and more — with the DiscoverOrg Connector – ActOn Software Edition, you always have the deepest intelligence on your marketing leads. And with over 100 data points, you can segment and personalize your campaigns, qualify leads, and keep your database clean — without even breaking a sweat. With data gathered and verified by the DiscoverOrg Squad every 90 days or sooner, you can market with confidence knowing that you’ll reach the right person with the right message — every time.

add and update entries — including bulk uploads

Select entries in DiscoverOrg and upload them individually or in bulk to your ActOn account. Our data integration eliminates email deliverability headaches, segmentation challenges, and hours of wasted research time.

no name? no problem.

ListMatch lets you build, enrich, and cleanse target prospect lists — starting with just a company name and a title. Build a list in DiscoverOrg, push it into ActOn, and bring along 100+ data points for hyper-personalization and segmentation of your campaign.

custom field mapping

Stop sweating deletions. DiscoverOrg never overwrites information without your permission. Choose to update only blank fields — or create your own custom configuration for how DiscoverOrg maps data into ActOn.