Add rhythm to your cadence and prospect like a pro with the DiscoverOrg Connector – Salesloft Edition. Our integration puts deep data from DiscoverOrg right where you need it — directly into Salesloft. And with tools for cleaning and tagging, you can hit every prospect with a relevant message at exactly the right time. Make way for sky-high conversion rates.

add and update entries — including bulk uploads

Select one, multiple, or every DiscoverOrg entry and upload them directly to your Salesloft account, checking “automatic updates.” Now you’re working with fresh data for smarter email and call campaigns.

rock your cadence with lead tagging

Whenever you upload prospects to Salesloft, you’ll have the option to include as many tags as you want. Highlight your best prospects, fine-tune segments, or create triggers on buying signals and intent data.

you’re in control with custom field mapping

Stop sweating deletions. DiscoverOrg never overwrites information without your permission. Choose to update only blank fields — or create your own custom settings for how DiscoverOrg maps data into Salesloft.