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RainKing’s admin license allows you to manage your user licenses (add/disable), assign users to teams, gain insight into user usage through custom reports, and customize notes and status settings for all users.


To Add Users:

Input the new user’s contact details, assign their permission group, and select the user as active.  Then select save. The new user will automatically be sent their login credential email.


To Remove Users:

To remove a user, select the user’s name from the list of active users then de-select the “Active User” check-box and click save.



Connector Tab: 

Connector tab will allow you to go process of setting up your integration. 


More information on specific integrations can be found at the links below: 









Team Assignment:

You will notice a column labeled ‘Team,’ which defaults to unassigned. You can click in the cell and change the name to anything you would like. By assigning users to teams, you will be able to capture usage reports specific to a group of users – such as all Inside Sales Representatives. You can also create custom usage reports for your teams.


Creating Usage Reports:

To create a new report, click on the New Report link. Here, you can specify what type of report to run, the team name (if applicable), and one or more recipient emails.


Currently there are 3 different reports to choose from:

     Summary Usage Reports

  •       Can be scheduled to run automatically the first of each month or can be sent on demand.
  •       Report will measure usage activity for the past 90 days based on the report run date.
  •       Reflects only activated users at the time the report is generated.

     SmartCaller Activity Reports

  •      Covers a one week interval (Sunday to Saturday).
  •      Once created and saved, it will run each week on Sundays and be sent to the designated recipients.
  •      Captures daily logged activity based on submissions using the orange ‘Notes’ button in the SmartCaller tool.
  •      Count reflects the number of unique (people) records ‘touched’ on a given day through this logged activity.

     User Usage Reports

  •      Delivered by email as a CSV file.
  •      Provides key information to gauge a user’s engagement.
  •      User Name
  •      User Email
  •      Department / Role
  •      First Login
  •      Last Login
  •      Number of Logins- Last 90 Days
  •      Number of Logins- Last 365 Days
  •      Activity Related to Data Consumption (Last 365 Days)- page views, downloads, integration activity, etc.
  •      Account Customized: “Yes” or “No” flag indicates whether the user has any group or saved search.

To view reports that have already been created/generated, click the Reports link. Here, you can see information about reports you have scheduled and can run a report on demand.


Setting Preferences for Notes and Statuses:

Specify the default texts for notes within the platform as well as set the labels for statuses and save any changes that are made.


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