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When Contacts come in to Eloqua from RainKing, Update Rules and Programs can be used to change data values on fields from RainKing. Update Rules are put in place to correctly change the data values, then all Contacts from RainKing are added to a Program that evaluates the Contacts and updates their fields.

Steps to Setup:

Create and Update Rule in Eloqua for Contacts From RainKing

In Eloqua, select Audience >> Tools >> Data Tools.

In Data Tools, select the Data Tools drop-down and select, “New Update Rule”. Name the Update Rule, “Update RainKing Contacts” and select an Entity Type of “Contacts”. Select the fields you need to update. For example, if you need to change the Lead Source from “RainKing” to “Purchased List” add an Update Rule, select the Lead Source field and set the Value to “Purchased List”:


Eloqua Data Pic 2.png


Add additional Update Rules for fields that you would like to update immediately on Contacts from RainKing:

 Eloqua Data Pic 3.png


Once you’ve added the rules, save them. 

Create a Program to Feed RainKing Contacts to this Update Rule

 In Eloqua, select Orchestration >> Tools >> Program Builder:

 Eloqua Data Pic 4.png


In Program Builder, create a new Program to evaluate Contacts for a RainKing Contact ID. Add a Decision Rule – for those Contacts that have a RainKing Contact ID send them to a step to Run the RainKing Update Rules. For those that do not have a RainKing Contact ID, they can simply be moved to a group with no action.

 Eloqua Data Pic 5.png

Enable this Program and set it to your preferred mode. As Contacts with a RainKing Contact ID come into your Eloqua, their fields will be updated according to the Update Rules set.


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