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What is a targeting list? It allows you to identify a specific number of contacts at a company.

Steps to Create

Here are the steps necessary to identify a targeting list via RainKing and Excel:

  1. Upload your list of companies into RainKing’s Smart List tool
  2. Add the companies that matched (we recommend Exact and Strong) to a group


3. Navigate to the people tab of this group and choose “Refine Search” to specify which type of people you are interested in:




4. Once the changes are applied to this list of people- select to export the list to Excel


5. You now have 2 Excel files- your original company list and the list of people exported from RainKing

6.Combine these into one Excel Workbook- your original list in sheet 1 and the list of people exported from RainKing in Sheet 2


7. Format both of these sheets as tables



8. Create a 3rd sheet and place your cursor in cell A1 and open the tab for “Fuzzy Match



9. Choose Sheet 1 (your original list & table 1) to be the left table and Sheet 2 (people from RainKing & table 2) to be the right table

10. Choose the column in Sheet 1 that contains your company names and the column in Sheet 2 that contains the RainKing company names




11. Choose the number of match results



12. Choose the similarity rate at which you would like to match (we recommend 85%)




13. Select “Go”



14. If there is a match on the company name, up to 5 individuals (if they exist) will be appended to the right of the original company name.

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