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Lists are static reports that allow you to either segment people or companies from a search.  You can find your Lists on the RainKing Dashboard.

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How can it help:

  • Named Accounts: If you use named accounts, lists allow you to create searches for just your named accounts.
  • Exclusionary List: Lists can be used to exclude contacts or companies from a search.
  • Segmenting data: Segmenting individual contacts or companies for marketing and call campaigns. 

Steps to Create:

From a Saved Search:

First go either create a search, go into an existing saved search, existing list, or on a profile.

You will create the list by selecting the “Add to List” action button.


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From a company or person profile:

You can also create a List from the company or person profile found on the right hand side of the screen.

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From Smart List:

After running a Smart List you will want to add your matched companies or people to a List.

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How to Add/Remove from an existing list List:

Adding a company or person to an existing List:

Click on the profiles for the company or person you are looking to add to an existing list either from a saved search, existing list, or on a profile.

If you are looking at a saved search you will find the Add to List button on the far right.

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Once you are viewing the profile, select the first icon from the top right of your screen.

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In the box that pops up on your screen select the list you would like to save the record to and then hit Ok.

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Deleting a company or person from a desired list:

Select the list you are looking to delete the company or person record from.

Check mark the box that corresponds to the company or persons records.

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You will see a pop up on your screen which will prompt you to select the list to delete the record from.  Select the appropriate list and then click on OK.

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Deleting a List or editing the name:

Click on My RainKing in the top left corner username in the top right corner and select “Lists/Campaigns”.To delete a List click the “Delete” button. If you would like to adjust the name click the penicl and edit the name click Save.

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Limit to/Exclude on a Search:

From the search form on either an existing list or new search click the “Company Lists / Groups”.

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Choose to either “Limit to” or  “Exclude” by clicking the check box next to the list you would like to limit or exclude from your search.

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Sharing lists:

When you create a List your colleagues will be able to view the List in their account through the List/Groups filter in a Sales or Marketing Task.

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By clicking Other Available Groups they can view all of the List that users have created from your organization. By clicking Limit To they can view your Lists.

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They can view the contents of the Lists by hitting the “Build List” button on the top right-hand corner.  They can then save this in their own account as either a Saved search or a List and it will be accessible on their Dashboard.



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