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You have the ability in RainKing to export lists of companies, contacts and inside scoops to Excel. You also can customize your exports to only include the fields you need.

Exporting to Excel can allow you to use the RainKing data to do things such as appending data (fuzzy match), doing a mail merge or Uploading/Importing data into your CRM or Marketing automation.

When looking at the results for Companies, People, or Scoops, select the records you would like to download to Excel.

You also have the option to select all records from the specific search result by checking the top box or choose selected records by selecting the boxes next to the name.

Click the Export to Excel action icon.

Export to Excel List View Icon.jpg


A box will appear that will give you the option to export all records, or a range of records. You can also customize the export fields and drag and drop to re-order the fields.

Export to Excel Pop Up.jpg

Once you have clicked Export, you will receive an email when the download is complete with a link to the CSV file. The file will also be located in your RainKing account for 48 hours.

Excel Download in Drop Down.jpg 

Depending on your license, your account may have a limit to the number of records you can download to Excel each month. If you exceed the limit, you will be prevented from performing further downloads until the beginning of the next month.

Keep in mind that when exporting lists to Excel, the data will eventually become out of date since RainKing is constantly adding and updating information.

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