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“Find More People Like” is a search feature that enables you to easily identify contacts profiled in RainKing with similar criteria to a selected person’s profile. The feature allows you to create a list of contacts based on an ideal buyer or prospect’s attributes. This includes geography, technologies, keywords, and management levels.

How can it help me:

  • You can select the RainKing contact profile for a recent buyer or good prospect and find similar leads to outreach to.
  • You can utilize the tool to create a list of contacts based on contact attributes to create marketing campaigns.
  • Use an ideal buyer or prospects attributes to build criteria for an Ideal Buyer Persona to stack and rank best contacts.

Steps to Create:

Start on a contact’s page and select the ‘Find More People Like’ button right below the phone number and email address section.

More Like 1.jpg

On the Unifed Search page you can see all the criteria associated with your selected contact. You have the ability to add or remove criteria to further refine the search for best contacts. Once the criteria page has been amended, select ‘Apply Changes’.

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