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A RainKing workflow that allows you to target contacts for a campaign based on a role/title, company attributes, or a list of organizations. 

How can it help :

  • Seamlessly create a strategic list of prospects based on criteria such as title, role, or responsibilities. People profiles in RainKing go farther than name and title by providing detailed intelligence.
  • Target contacts recently added or updated in RainKing.
  • Set up daily alerts for new Companies, People, or Scoops.
  • Export contact intelligence to Excel or  CRM.

Steps to Create:

Start by clicking on the “Find people to sell to” link on the RainKing dashboard.

find companies to sell to-2.png

Define your target criteria to build a list of contacts. Using Common, Company, People, or Scoops criteria, you can filter on exactly who you would like to reach out to. In the long run, this will help you spend less time manually prioritizing your lists to decide who to focus on.


Click on “Save Criteria” in the upper right to set this as the default for your daily alert.  You’ll also have the option to sign up for alerts when we add other types of content (companies & people) that fit your search criteria. 


5-19-2017 10-47-48 AM.png

Once you have finished selecting  criteria, click “Build List”.


After running the search, the output will show results matching your selected criteria. The parameters used to build the search will be shown at the top of the screen and can be modified by clicking on the “Refine Search” button at  upper right. We highly recommend saving your searches for future access.  You can also set up alerts for new or updated records.

THIS ONE 2.png

Click on the different tabs to view other content based on the search criteria.

5-19-2017 11-20-40 AM.png

Using the bulk action buttons above the results,  you can than export the information to Excel or your CRM (if enabled), Add to or remove from list, or run a segmentation report.

5-30-2017 3-45-00 PM.png

RainKing’s Smart Caller tool is designed to improve productivity when working with call lists. The interface provides a consolidated view that gives detail on a contact with features that can be used to tag, classify and capture sales activity on leads and prospects. 

5-30-2017 3-45-00 PM.png

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