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‘RainKing’s inside scoops provide critical insight to a company’s spending and other activities, but where do you start when looking for related decision makers? Contact profiles in RainKing go beyond title and phone number.  Our research analysts provide rich intelligence on the technologies with which  decision makers are aligned along with their job description, reporting relationship, and more. Clicking “Find the best contact” from an inside scoop will automatically rank contacts based by how closely their technology responsibilities and management levels relate to the scoop topic.

How Can it Help:

  • “Find the best contact” helps you easily distinguish which contacts are the best decision maker or influencer to contact about potential opportunities mentioned in inside scoops.
  • Spend less time guessing who you should reach out to and focus on those RainKing recommends.
  • Quickly build a call list from inside scoops by moving contacts to a list.

Star Rating System:

 5-19-2017 1-23-10 PM.png a person tagged with one or more technology sub-categories mapped to the scoop topic.

 5-19-2017 1-24-16 PM.png a person tagged with the parent technology category but not the sub-categories mapped to the scoop topic.

 5-19-2017 1-25-16 PM.png a person tagged with neither the technology sub-category or parent category mapped to the scoop topic.

Steps to Create:

Click on the link for Find the best contact for the inside scoop you plan to target.

5-19-2017 12-26-24 PM-1.png

After clicking on the link, you will see a ranked list of all contacts at that company ranked according to how strong their technology responsibilities align with the scoop topic.

5-19-2017 1-28-58 PM.png

If you would like to refine the contacts based on keywords or management level, use the “Filter list” button on the right.

5-19-2017 1-27-45 PM.png


Using the bulk action buttons above the results,  you can view the contacts in SmartCaller, export the information to Excel, add to or remove from list, or run a segmentation report.

6-21-2017 9-40-54 AM.png

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